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7/7/2016 Northwest Airlines - I have flown SWA numerous times and have always
I have flown SWA numerous times and have always been pleased with everything. My son and I are planning to fly from BWI to STL on Thursday July 14th to take care of some quick business and return back to Baltimore on Friday July 15th. On June 16th I made the reservations looking at the date 14th and 15th, when I received the confirmation I seen the dates 14th and 15th and thought I was set. On July 5th I was talking to my son about time we had to leave for airport and all and I noticed that Thursday is the 14th but the 15th is Monday. That's August 15th. Instead of a one day trip it is a month and 1 day between flights. I don't know how that happened but I can only assume that the monthly calender on the screen switched. When I called to see what could be done I was told no problem we could switch dates and having 10 days before the flight I hope we would be a simple switch,it was except the cost was $81.00 per ticket more. Seeing that these flights are sold out almost every flight and it was not the last minute I am disappointed in the increase cost. I would appreciate any help.

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12/7/2010 Northwest Airlines - I am inquiring about my world perks mileage with
I am inquiring about my world perks mileage with northwest airlines.can you help me pls.

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10/19/2009 Northwest Airlines - My flight confirmation # is MDVYGU--we are flying
My flight confirmation # is MDVYGU--we are flying NW on a flight out of SLC, Oct.22 In connecting from Minneapolis to Detroit, we have just 30 min. I would like to know: if we can change seats 17D,16C, to a closer seat up front so we have a better chance of de-boarding faster and making the connection. What gate do we fly into in Minn., and what gate to we board in Detroit. If we do not make the connection time , we have a 6 hour layover, and that is unacceptable. Thanks you for your time----Susanne Mason

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