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Norton helps consumers and organizations secure and manage their information-driven world. Our software and services protect against more risks at more points, more completely and efficiently, enabling confidence wherever information is used or stored.

User Provided Phone Number: 1-877-294-5265 then press #2

Phone Number

Phone Hint
1-800-441-7234 Dont press or say anything, ignoring prompts.


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7/16/2016 Norton Anti-Virus - I have always used Norton antivirus this year
I have always used Norton antivirus this year would be no different. when I tried to install Norton I could not because of errors. my computer worked fine before install when I called Norton support , could not understand tech. I found out he was in England he said in order to resolve pc problems he had to connect to my pc. when he did he said he had to clean my pc and it would cost me 100.00. I declined and ended the call. I will never use Norton products again. very disappointed in the product and tech support

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4/11/2016 I used Norton anti-virus 2 years ago and got a
I used Norton anti-virus 2 years ago and got a virus while using them. I cancelled my service with them.
Two years after canceling service with Norton, Norton billed my American Express card in 2016 for "2016 services rendered". American Express refuses to delete that charge telling me that Norton provided them documentation for the services billed - but they refuse to share this "documentation" to me. Even though I am being billed for future services and in Jan. 2016 when the charge came through I contacted American Express immediately and told them I have not used Norton for two years, and will not be using their services in 2016.
I will be contacting BBB on Norton and will file a claim against them in Small Claims Court.
I advise against using American Express - they do NOT back their customers.

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3/12/2016 Norton Anti-Virus - I have had this TOSHIBA laptop since 2010, I was
I have had this TOSHIBA laptop since 2010, I was using McAfee antivirus, in 2013 I had a virus infect my computer that McAfee could not prevent or remove. Took computer to local tech support, virus was cleaned and NORTON installed. No more virus attacks, but the NORTON software did not always work flawlessly. Fast forward to December 2015.license expired, went to website to renew. During renewal process, tech support window pop-up window ask if I would like their help installing the program. After several hours, and numerous programs deleted, drivers files replaced, and registry modified the tech gave up. Said I would be contacted within 48 hours. Next day I decided to try to install it myself. Used the numbers from previous day to try install. Message said that number was invalid so I want through purchasing new copy of program. I installed in less than 15 minutes. On February credit card bill, two charges for Norton. Was issued case # but no response from Norton. Then I started receiving emails from Norton saying my computer was unprotected? Does anyone at this company know what is going on. In January the computer quit starting-up. It locked up loading the startup files. Nothing I tried would fix the problem. I had to do a system restore. Lost a whole bunch of programs, data files and pictures. Tried doing restore from back-up files, C:\ backup files were corrupted, and backup files on USB hard drive were not recognized by restore program. Originally I had windows7 on my computer, TOSHIBEA no longer has wondows7 and no-body sells it anymore. Right now I am using a 2013 version of Norton that is only good for 30 days. I am going to give NORTON till the end of the month to respond, then I am going to talk to my credit card company to see what my options are. Definitely no stars.

Angela Read More
3/7/2016 Norton Anti-Virus - norton sucks!!! sold me a product I couldn't download
norton sucks!!! sold me a product I couldnt download and then their web site gives you no info to tak to someone

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1/10/2016 Norton Anti-Virus - Throughout my subscription Norton has warned me
Throughout my subscription Norton has warned me that I am not covered now it tells me that my subscription has expired when according to my account details it has not, I am confused and annoyed.

ANNA Read More
9/9/2015 Norton Anti-Virus - I received prompt service , the tech assistant
I received prompt service , the tech assistant Lyle was amazing, resolved my problems in minutes, I will highly recommend Norton products.

Natasha Read More
7/27/2015 Norton Anti-Virus - I've been given the runaround after discovering
I've been given the runaround after discovering that the Norton Help Desk had given me a second email address and was debiting my credit card for both the original and second email address from Sep. 2013 until May, 2015. They refunded me one month, instead of the $424.80 that they overcharged me for. I've talked to 3 agents, and was never given the opportunity to talk to a supervisor, when I requested one. My guess is, they didn't speak English. I'm furious and did finally get an address. I'll address the issue through the mail. My guess is, I will never hear back from them. Meanwhile, I am contacting my Credit Card company and having all payments to Norton stopped (in case they try to debit even though I have now cancelled). This has been very disappointing and I'm furious with myself for not paying more attention. You simply cannot trust companies to do the correct billing. The message here: PAY VERY CLOSE ATTENTION TO YOUR CREDIT CARD BILL EACH MONTH.

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3/5/2015 Norton Anti-Virus - i have been 1 hour on computer 5 phone calls and
i have been 1 hour on computer 5 phone calls and have been given the run around, cut off, given phone numbers that dont exist and still have not got any satisfaction. norton has deducted $19.99 from my account since last april. they dont know which depart ment has taken it. all thier products were dicontinued in april 2014 from my account. cant find a phone number for head office australia anywhere.
fed up with the run around......

robbie Read More
12/10/2014 Norton Anti-Virus - cant find anyone who could cancel my norton virus
cant find anyone who could cancel my norton virus protection

jim Read More
6/21/2014 Norton Anti-Virus - I recently had a charge on my credit card
I recently had a charge on my credit card statement with the description, "recurring cash advance at ATM Norton-Annual Renewal. I knew I did not use my credit card for an ATM cash advance so I called my credit card company. I was informed if you don't respond to the Norton renewal notice, Norton automatically collects the annual renewal fee as referenced and you are also charged a fee by your credit card company for the cash advance transaction. I am NOT happy about this!!! Norton should send the customer a confirmation similar to shopping on-line to accept or deny and they should not do the transaction as a cash advance without the credit card customer's approval.

Barbie Read More
6/2/2014 Norton Anti-Virus - Norton antivirus tech support 18009350537
Norton antivirus tech support 18009350537

johnson Read More
5/15/2014 Norton Anti-Virus - Norton Anti virus? I purchased it and my computer crashed
Norton Anti virus? I purchased it and my computer crashed today and has several virisus now it will cost me $299.00 o have it cleaned and restored. I work from home and without my computer I now have NO income to support 3 kids!!!!! I will be contacting the BBB you can bet your ass and Norton you can shove the anti viris up yours.!.!

Kat Read More
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