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1-866-234-0292Dont press or say anything.


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11/28/2015 Norwegian Cruise Line - Mailing address for formal complaint?
Mailing address for formal complaint

George Read More
8/23/2014 Norwegian Cruise Line - I ordered a birthday package for my granddaughter.
I ordered a birthday package for my granddaughter. I paid $35.00 for the package. It was suppose to come with balloons, streamers, a cake, plates and forks. My granddaughter received a cake. I am very upset. I would like a refund. I have been unable to reach anyone in regard to this problem. I have been put on hold with customer service for over ten minutes. The call is never picked up. Please help me with this problem! The ship was the Dawn. It left Boston on 8/15/14 and returned 8/22/14.

SusanRead More
5/7/2014 Norwegian Cruise Line - Does the new cruise ship the getaway have single
Does the new cruise ship the getaway have single cabins. Is the price also for one
I am a widow and want to cruise on the getaway in oct 2014

Margie LairdRead More
4/22/2014 Norwegian Cruise Line -Worst ever - on hold for one hour
Worst ever - on hold for one hour, was given three different phone numbers even though I told the first person exactly what I wanted

ljRead More

RUSSRead More
1/9/2014 Norwegian Cruise Line - Question from a Latitudes member for NCL - I didn't get my thank you wine
Hi Guys,

I am a Latitudes member as i really love NCL cruises, i was on the Jade last year, the Epic and the Jade the year before, i have now booked to go on the Spirit on 28th March this year, i told my friend and she booked this cruise for her and her husband too. (this couple were with us on the Epic too)

However i booked my cruise first with Barrhead Travel, Dunfermline, my friend booked about 2 days after me, she received 175 dollars on board spend, she got money off as she was a latitudes member too.

And yesterday she was sent 6 Bottles of Wine from NCL as a thankyou for booking this holiday.

I have been on 3 NCL cruises and received nothing, they have been on 1 Cruise and received all this.

I am a little disappointed with this as i do like your Cruise Line.

Is there anything you can do for me?? i can supply more information if you e mail me.


GillianRead More
12/30/2012 Norwegian Cruise Line - Norwegian tampa air port transfer is a SCAM.
Norwegian tampa air port transfer is a SCAM. Horrible and pathetic service led by a manager that can't be reached at any time. We waited today for over 1.5 hours to get transferred to the airport in the 50 degree day. The pricing we paid $20 pp including kids costed my family $180. The fare for the everyday person that didn't make arrangements for a family like ours - $38. Will not sail with Norwegian ever again due to pathetic customer support. Lastly, they told my family that the NCL manager was coming down - 25 minutes later they said she had no phone number and was in a meeting and couldn't be taken out of a meeting - I hope it was her superior to fire her

Norwegian should fire these Tampa employees that suck
Monique petit - manager
George lupo - pier staff

PJRead More
12/6/2012 Norwegian Cruise Line - Need information on my Cruise Line 12.06.12
My cruise is Dec.13 to 22,2012. I have not recievd any information as it relates to my t
cruise. rev.

Henrietta FogleRead More
9/20/2012 Norwegian Cruise Line - Hi there,I am looking for a way to contact your
Hi there,

I am looking for a way to contact your offices (by email) as I have sent my boyfriends a gift parcel, however I did not specify which Norwegian Line he is on - he is on the Norwegian Star. The package should be arriving on Friday 21/ 09/ 2012.
He works for Park West Gallery- name: Mark Muller.
Please advise who I can contact re this matter.
Thank you kindly!

NatashaRead More
7/11/2012 Norwegian Cruise Line - Change of e:mail address. I have travelled twice
Change of e:mail address. I have travelled twice on Norwegian Cruise Lines and would like to upadate my e:mail address for future specials and packages on offer to be sent to me.

Mrs Charine BuchlerRead More
6/26/2012 Norwegian Cruise Line - my name is everett wells. I just got off of ncl
my name is everett wells. I just got off of ncl jewel on alaska cruise. i participated in a program to have my luggage transferred to seattle airport. The cost was suppose to be $20 for ncl, $20 for the first suitcase and $25 for the second. for a total of $65. I was billed $80. my cabin was 11519. I tried to settle this on the ship but ran out of time. had to get to the airport.

EverettRead More
5/9/2012 Norwegian Cruise Line - Hello Norwegian with this array of praises and
Hello Norwegian with this array of praises and complaints I expect customer relations is reeling. I have a concern. Last November 2011 I went on a cruise with the Norwegian Star.I am a latitudes member

My purchases turned out to be a disaster which I am still trying to deal with. The cruise was delightful. There was one purchase on board the Star *perfume by Gucci* it was actually the toilette version of the fragrance. I did not open it until my next cruise which was the Epic. The Epic did not sell Gucci Rush so could not help me. I am unhappy to say it was a fake. Rush is my perfume and since marketed I have always used it. I would like to return it to Gucci so they can test it for themselves. I am not interested in my money back I want what I paid for the toilette version or the par-fum, I do not mind paying the difference for the par-fum. It is a buyers error as I know this perfume inside out. Would you kindly send me an address where I can send this back to be tested and be able to get the real product. I am sure Gucci will be upset with mimicking an otherwise wonderful product. Thanks so much Dianne Richmond

Dianne RichmondRead More
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