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Nuance customer service telephone number and contact Information. Contact Nuance customer support and customer service. Also please leave your review or rating on your experience below. Technical Support: 1-407-241-0618

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1-800-654-1187 Review and Hint Needed


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1/11/2017 Nuance - I recently upgraded from WordPerfect 62
I recently upgraded from WordPerfect 62 WordPerfect 8. My Dragon home 12 always worked fine with Dragon 6, however it will not work with WordPerfect 8. It works with the new Quattro Pro, so my problem is just with WordPerfect 8. Please tell me what my solution is to this problem.
Thank you,

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1/27/2014 Nuance - This telephone number was successful in getting me
This telephone number was successful in getting me in contact with Nuance! :) They open at 9:00 AM Eastern Standard time. If you need technical support with a product over a year old they charge $19.95. Hope this helps.

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