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3/13/2017 NutriSystem - extremely disappointed. I wanted to cancel after
extremely disappointed. I wanted to cancel after the first order but was told that the 2nd order is being shipped. I was able to send the dry food back at my expense but was forced to keep the frozen food which I can not eat. The food has lots of sodium in it and my body retained much water, Some of the food like pizza and flatbread were the worst food I have ever eaten. Also constantly pasta! I find your program VERY misleading. When I wanted my money back under the guarantee that you could lose up to 13 lbs and 7 " the first month I was told that the guarantee is valid for only 2 weeks after you get he food. I Can not recommend this program to anyone.

carole Read More
4/24/2016 NutriSystem - I have been trying to cancel any further
I have been trying to cancel any further nutrisystem orders but have been unable to. I called 3 times and got cut off, then connected to the survey but still can't reach a live person. I can only delay the next order but seem unable to cancel it even before it ships . In 2 weeks of following this regimen I have lost 1/2 a pound. I am frustrated and unhappy with all the hype.

Dee Read More
3/7/2016 NutriSystem - Your Numi app is a very good idea but a few problems
Your Numi app is a very good idea. I've learned to use it and now depend on it. Over the last several days, some problems have developed. The app stops working unexpectedly, the copy feature doesn't work consistently and the program crashes periodically giving messages that your servers are having problems. Please, please correct these problems with the app.

Joel Read More
2/9/2016 NutriSystem - The food was bland, too much sodium
The food was bland, too much sodium. I woke up with headaches and swollen hands. I returned 1/2 the food but I am still waiting for a credit. Too many chemicals in the food. YUKKK! They charged me to ship the food back, I heard they also charge you for any discounts that you got, you might as well just throw the food out. BEWARE!!

JoAnn Read More
5/7/2015 NutriSystem - I am a registered nurse who just wanted a little
I am a registered nurse who just wanted a little help getting started on losing about 20 lbs. Since I started Nutrisystem, I have awaken each morning with my hands swollen in a strut and my eyelids hanging over my eyes. I do not have congestive heart failure, as a matter of fact, I have no health problems...but my medical experience weighs heavily in the range of sodium no more than 140 mg per serving. Lunch and dinner come in at two times that, sometimes more. I will do this on my own by eating more fresh items, less gms of sugar and fewer processed foods. As a matter of fact, I think it is the preservatives in the Nutrisystem food that makes them so high in sodium.


donna Read More
1/7/2015 NutriSystem - I need to cancel my order which is to go out on
I need to cancel my order which is to go out on 1-9-2015. I tried this a couple of months back but was told I had to pay 80.00 charge back fees. Really?? I cannot do this or order due to really bad financial situations.I have been a loyal customer since about 7yrs. I have really been satisfied with this program as I lost 80lbs. but I was really disappointed in this. I chatted with a guy on live chat and he told me to ask if we could waiver this charge. I would very much appreciate help on this. I just cannot afford to do anything at this time.

Darlene Read More
5/20/2014 NutriSystem - I bought the starter kit @ walmart and 3 lunches
I bought the starter kit @ walmart and 3 lunches are missing.dinners were the correct amount and also the deserts.
I have the proof of purchase.

Isabel Read More
1/19/2014 How do I change my NutriSystem menu to not allow spicy foods.
I need to change my menu to not allow spicy foods. I have some in my first month of meals, but for my second month I want to have the hot spicy foods removed from my orders. Thank you.

Leslie Read More
4/1/2013 NutriSystem - I am enjoying my first couple of weeks of
I am enjoying my first couple of weeks of Nutrisystem. Only thing that I've found that I would change, is not the food, but the daily log. There just isn't enough room, even using abbreviations, to log all of the items. For example, for breakfast I have: granola cereal with 1/4 C of frozen blueberries, and 2 TBSP of nuts and 1 coffee with 4 TBSP of fat free (FF) milk and slightly less than 1 tsp Splenda. Next time you need to reprint the daily log you might consider adding an extra lines for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Bev Read More
11/10/2012 I had a great experience wit Nutrisystem Auto Delivery
I had a great experience. If you sign up for auto delivery then that is exactly what you get folks! I was a bit disappointed in changing my choices online. I made the changes but the system kept defaulting to my original choices. Loved the breakfast food, lunch was weak on choices. Dinner always seemed to be the same. I weighed 169 and I'm 5'5. I didn't have Alot to lose and is usually difficult for me to do.... Lost 15 pounds in 12 weeks, I am finishing up the last of my food and am maintaining at 152 without effort! Thank you for getting me back on track. I hope to be back in a size 8 on my own from here!

K_ringwald99 Read More
9/20/2012 NutriSystem - i am very disappointed with nutri system. They
i am very disappointed with nutri system. They debited my account without being told and never asked me to pick out my menu. I will never order nutri system again. Gloria.

Gloria Negron Read More
4/12/2012 NutriSystem - I too had trouble with cancellation. I ordered
I too had trouble with cancellation. I ordered online never being advised there was more to come. It is not clear when ordering. I changed many of the options, as Marie Osmond says there is over 130 choices.... I guess that is the superstar menu that I wasn't privy to. I did however receive a large order, but none of the things I changed got changed. A few of the thing I did order came. I must say that the taste of most of the food was better than I expected. I called back to ask about the program as there is no mention of the bars so I wasn't sure if they were part of lunch or a lunch entree. To my dismay they exist as an entree. Although I am struggling with portion size because this is why aim overweight to begin with, but this is where it began... I called in to cancel the second order that I NEVER ORDERED, and they charged me 97.00 to do so. I was going to order it for my mom, sister and cousin, but I felt it was not clear, I got frozen and dry food I will never eat and instead of customer service I heard the run around. I think for month two I will call Jenny Craig and maybe I will get the food I ordered, and better customer service.

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