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7/6/2016 NYSC New York Sports Club - I am very disappointed with the way you do
I am very disappointed with the way you do business. I received a flyer in the mail for a sale price of $19.99 per month with no commitment. I presented this flyer to the Bayonne. New Jersey facility.in May. I obtained a new flyer today in my bank. This was placed with the other community flyers. I called the Bayonne facility again and was told that they would not honor the flyer. I can not believe the United States Postal Service would be
distributing flyer that the Bayonne facility manager told me was a year old. The postal No is 4725 Buffalo,N.Y. This flyer is for Bayonne Crossing Shopping Ctr 600 Bayonne Crossing Way 201-339-0922.

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8/7/2015 NYSC New York Sports Club - my name is My Huong Ta and I am a gold member at
my name is My Huong Ta and I am a gold member at NYSC
1. I am writing because I am in distress with your club at Long Beach New York 11561 zip code. My son had swimming lessons last summer of 2014 but the water was always cold so he contracted bronchitis from it which lasted a month well into the start of his pre-k school year, and though I bought a second series for him, we had to stop and were told we could start anytime, even in the next sunmer.
2. I called early July 2015 and the person in charge of the swimming lessons stopped working at Long beach nysclub. I wonder why because she was a wonderful coordinator compared to the new one. They finally sorted things out and let my son take his second series of 8 swimming lessons. The water was consistently cold again, everyone who swims with us complained of the same. One day, on a Friday, in July my son refused to get into the water and said "it is too cold mommy" so I got furious and demanded to Donna the swim coordinator that someone should use the thermometer to check the pool water at the pool itself instead of relying on the boiler's set temperature of 84 F. The pool's water is no where near 84F because if it is then The swim instructor, Michelle, would not complain that it is cold every time and neither would my son,or other swimmers, and myself included. I suggest that you send someone with a thermometer to check the water's temperature itself. If my son contracts bronchitis again, you will not hear the end of this complaint. I spoke to Donna and demanded that she sends some one to check the water and send messages to your headquarter. I was not happy that day and really made an issue out of it because I refuse for my son to get sick swimming in that cold water. Some swimmers even asked me to bring a thermometer and help them get this problem voiced because they could not get through to this club ( since I was angry about it they wanted me to write letters to also help them out)
Donna told me the next week that the message was sent but nothing will be done because that water temperature is set at the boiler ( without taken into account people esp life guard leaving both doors open letting cool air into the room and without anyone to monitor the water's temperature in the pool. So my complaint was in vain again this summer just like the last. No one cares as long as the membership fees keep rolling in.
3. my son had a swimming lesson on Monday august 3 at 4pm. We showed up and the instructor Michelle said she feels that the water is too cold to get in to give the lesson. My son also complained the same. she wanted to reschedule my son's lesson after I already took off from work to leave early for his lesson. So I said I would like to still try and see if my son can tolerate it. And I said if you are cold then you should swim a few laps and we will wait until you warm up to start. She finally went in to give the lesson.
4. Today, the hell day, Friday august 7 2015. I took off from work ( yes I am a fulltime professional working mother ) to take him for the 4pm swimming lesson with Michelle at Long beach NYSC. We showed up and at 4:15pm , no sign of Michelle still. I walked out to front desk and inquired about it. The manager, whom I did not know who he was at first, named Andrew, (later he refused to give me his full name and had an attitude about it like I was there and needed his help and it had nothing to do with him if my son's lesson was cancelled and no one notified us) said if the lesson is scheduled then she will be in the pool. I said, in an upset tone, "if i saw her in the pool, I would not walk out to find her, would I? " so in his smart ass-tone he said " you can be nice about it". I told him he should not have an attitude about it when seeing a client in distress looking for the instructor. Instead, he should offer to look for her and not seeing me frantically walking around agitated asking everyone about the whereabout of Michelle. I am asking you how on earth am I not nice when I took off from work early to bring my son for a 4pm lesson, then literally no one knew where Michelle was. I came out again the second time and asked where she was after searching the gym for her. Now the manager, Andrew, called around. So my son and I went to the pool and waited in the water and no Life guard was present. Later on, Michelle showed up and said "I am sick and you are supposed to get notices of cancellation. I have been sick for two days". "No one called us or emailed us " I said.
So not only I took off from work to take my son, but no one bothered to call us and no one knew what happened to the instructor Michelle, until we showed up. But at the end of the day, I am supposed to take Andrew's smart ass comment and be composed about it? what kind of organization are you running at this location? Prior to Sandy the hurricane, the Club had such a nice group of people with great manager who was accommodating and polite and was on top of his work.
Andrew later, when I refused to leave, walked into the pool and said to me that we had to get out of the pool and I inquired why was I not notified of the cancellation? He gave lame excuses that some other people knew about it etc etc but never answered me as to why I was not notified and why as a manager, he does not know where the instructor was when I first came out to ask about her. He then said that he only comes into the pool area to help me?.?! I said I do not need help from him. I need services that I paid to be delivered timely and be notified ahead if it could not be delivered. I am a busy working mother and I do not appreciate the inconvenience that your staff and club at this location imposed on my son and I.
I demanded Andrew to give me headquarter's contact and he told me to go online to find out. I stopped by his desk and he only wanted to give out his first name and some email of a Melissa ( prob his buddy working at the club to handle me) and said I talked down on his staff and him?..?! how on earth is it that when you are providing freezing water in the pool and after many calm attempts in the past to let you know about it, nothing was done, until I could not tolerate the inconsideration and the harm to our health that your club had imposed on us that I finally became agitated and demanded a response verbally to the staff, and today I inquired in the front as to what he means by I am talking down on people?? no one vouched for him. I am asking you how is getting upset and asking for warmer water and an instructor for the scheduled appointment is considered a talk down? What could I possibly say that would constitute a talk down ? i have asked " why is the water so cold!? and I need someone to use a thermometer to check the water's temperature right away because my son is freezing and shievering. how is complaining about the cold freezing pool water a talk down to anyone? this is absolutely ridiculous and a lie to get him out of the fact that he is incompetent. He is a liar and a complacent employee who clearly does not want to voice clients' complaints to headquarters or at least if he go for a dip in the pool and check the temperature he would know what it feels like. By the way, he is the manager of the gym but he does not even look fit. How is that motivational for people to go to the gym? I had two confrontations with this club this month since 2008 when I joined ( I believe I joined in 2008 or so ) the first time was when the water was consistently cold in July even the instructor could not take it, and my son was shivering. We pay to be club memebers ( both my husband and I) and we pay for private swimming lessons but we constantly are freezing getting into the water. Then today when no one knew about our appointment or even bother to notify us that the instructor is sick. The manager had no clue and had to call around to find out and totally lied to my face. He tried to tell me and made me look as though I am the crazy lady who likes to get upset and he is trying to help?? help me with what I still do not know because we came for swimming and after 5 min in the pool we had to get our wet and cold bodies out. Mind you, this is the first time I met him, and when my complaint about the cold water was voiced last month, he did not even bother to come to me to address the issue in July. I am not sure what kind of money these people are being paid or what kind of employees your company is hiring. But there is a lack of communication, management, and enthusiasm in this club.
5. I tried your "summer camp" one day in July and the pamplet said my son would get to swim, eat lunch, then do arts and crafts in one of the studios. I thought this might be fun for him, so I entolled him one day to see how he likes it. for the swimming part, I went to the pool with him. The person who is in charge sat on a chair by the pool side, she does not interact with my son or any kids the entire time. She just stared out into space. There are 2 other sisters in the program and they played with each other in the pool. The lifeguard sat in the lifeguard chair texting and eating with virtually no smiles. I do not think this girl wants to be there. My son was left alone with no one playing or interacting with him. So instead of doing my laps, I had to stop and played with him. I brought lunch for my son, the paper said lunch but it did not say who provides it. No one clarified it until I got there and I found out that we have to bring lunches for our kids. I came to pick him up at 2pm. I looked in the studio that he was supposed to be doing arts and crafts in, I could not find him. I went to the front desk to ask for my son. They went around looking and finally we found them in a dark room ( all lights turned off) and a TV was playing a movie Frozen. I did not sign my son up to watch TV by the way, he could do that at home. I asked my son "did you draw or paint today ? " he said " no mommy" ." just swimming, then I rinsed myself and ate my snacks and then watched frozen!! " are you kidding me ! this is a totally bad and false advertisement and a terrible way for kids to spend their camp day. it is supposed to be stimulating to their minds and bodies and not be sitting watching TVs. We do not need babysitters to be wall flowers, we want people interacting with kids during gym camp.
This gym is at its worst! Living in long beach since 2004, this is the first time I experience this many problems in just a few months.

6. I also would like to complain about Saturdays' babysitting service at long beach. You have one babysitter for like 20 kids in a tiny room at times. My son and a couple other kids constantly got hit by some other kids and they all cried. My son did not cry as much as other boys but he definitely was hurt because there is a particular kid who constantly hit them on the face on saturdays. One babysitter is not enough for 20 kids, we had to stop leaving our child there.
Today's poor mamagenent had made me an angry person and I have become somewhat loud in the gym trying to voice my problems and discontentment. Andrew seemed to think he was trying to help me but I really just needed the right and timely services coupled with good communication. I do not have time to waste my time at the gym when no one knows what is going on at the very gym that they work at. I want a quality time with my son if I was to take off from work. My time is very precious and costly and therefore I expect that if I pay for a service such as joining a gym or private swimming lessions or day camp etc, they should be delivered profesionally without causing harm to our health ( ie freezing water) and timely ( to not waste your customers' time so they can be happy paying for it again) I do not need your help or Andrew's help as he says ( I do not even know what he means by that). I need professional, non-falsely advertised and timely services because I Pay for it with my hard earning money and spend my time going to it. I do not need charity so I do not need help when that is the reason he gives when he does not know the whereabouts of his employees and when we came for the lesson. I am very angry about this and I will post this everywhere and will let everyone I have referred and about to refer to join your club know about all these problems.


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6/3/2015 NYSC New York Sports Club - This thing that's called NYSC has to be run by

This thing that's called NYSC has to be run by the
lowest of the low - crud. Try as I might to get a
refund (consideration) for months that I was
unable to avail of their services, due to an 8/1/14quintuple
bypass surgery. Now, my wife and I foolishly signed
up again for 2015 believeing their cunning management
words, were honorable. It takes time is the line we get.
On March 10, 2015 I presented a letter I secured from
my rehab doctor to this NYSC manager Jared who
requested same to lay at corporate's doorstep. Nada.
Now each time we inquire the same manager named
Jared (phonetic Olzoff) he wants to know my/our name,
again and again, he's going to take care and will get back
to us. Never doing so, he pulls the same caper when my
wife wonders what his promised corporate was doing
in being the caring for customer entity they pretend to
be. No where, near being the respectful and honorable
business folks one would imagine. This Jared was to get
back to me yesterday but as in the past - he and such ilk
are but what NYSC lays on other unfortunate souls.
Jared was to follow up with Corporate and get back that
afternoon about the funds due my wife and I. It was not
to be and I somehow expected zero begetting zero.
This challenge is not over by us - folks far and wide will
hear my plea and the good words if things be set right.
If my name is troublesome - remember Lincoln's teacher's
surname and hat should help the brain engage.

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4/16/2015 NYSC New York Sports Club - very disappointed on their advertisement for 19.95
very disappointed on their advertisement for 19.95 a month, im a member there for 10 years plus and I want to down size my membership and they want to hit you with a 99.00 enrollment fee plus an additional 45.00 years fee, why should we have to pay the 99.00 a month enrollment fee if we have been members there?

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2/23/2015 NYSC New York Sports Club - This is the most frustrating place I've ever had
This is the most frustrating place I've ever had to deal with, and the worst customer service. I cannot give it a low enough score.

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11/3/2014 NYSC New York Sports Club - Ridiculous!!! 20 min hold time estimated. So much
Ridiculous!!! 20 min hold time estimated. So much for customer service.

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11/2/2014 NYSC New York Sports Club - This gym sucks I try freezing my account 3 times
This gym sucks I try freezing my account 3 times and every time they told me that my account is frozen I've been charged the full membership ..when I complain the won't even refund you the charges they will
put it in your gym account claiming that you are still an active member . The worse gym ever . Please try another gym you will get your moneys worth .Please don't get caught up with this gym .

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8/28/2014 NYSC New York Sports Club - NYSC SUCKS!!!!!!

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8/7/2014 NYSC New York Sports Club - Horrible! Double billed after cancellation. Forged
Horrible! Double billed after cancellation. Forged documents in dispute!!!!

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7/17/2014 NYSC New York Sports Club - This gym changed their policy. You used to freeze
This gym changed their policy. You used to freeze your account and the month will be seen as a month used on your account. Now if you freeze it, it actually means frozen - once you un-freeze it it continues through. They also make it impossible to cancel without paying a huge fee. And you would think if you move away to a state that doesn't fall under their umbrella it wouldn't be an issue.

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3/10/2014 NYSC New York Sports Club - Omggggg worst gym ever!!!! Double bill me every
Omggggg worst gym ever!!!! Double bill me every month!!! I cancelled my membership 6 months ago and they are still trying to bill me. Now I am in litigation with a bill collecting company CEO mismanaged and disorganized. Stay awayyyyyyyy.

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2/20/2014 NYSC New York Sports Club - BUNCH OF THIEVES!!!I signed up 9/25/13, then

I signed up 9/25/13, then cancelled 2 days later. Not comfortable because it seemed like I got a run-around every time I asked the price. Never attended the gym. They promised to refund my $50 deposit.

9/26 they charged my card $49.99
11/4 they charged my card $39.99
12/2 they charged my card $39.99
Luckily, the mess with Target stores caused my bank to issue new cards to everyone - or these bastards would continue to charge me!

I spoke with their office - [email protected], who promised to take care of it and get my money refunded.

1/16/14 I met with Customer Servicer Manager Chris Quillio, who entered this into the computer and promised to send me a refund check.

2/4 NYSC called me to ask if my credit card was cancelled because they couldn't charge it. I told her the whole story and told her to enter into the billing computer that I have never been a member.

2/19 I (again) drove to the gym. The manager, Chris quit or was fired, the guy who signed me up said "I don't have anything to do with billing - don't ask me", and the new General Manager, Tina, was in her office on a webinar for the next 20 minutes - asked if I could wait for her. I guess I made enough commotion that she came out, copied my information and promised to call me this afternoon. It's 7 pm, and guess who never called?

I guess I will have to take these bastards to Small Claims Court.

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