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7/14/2016 Occidental Insurance - Your help please...I recently started looking in
Your help please...
I recently started looking in old boxes of my deceased Father's (Donald E Smith) & found the following insurance policy from Occcidental.

#2045 Garage & Service Station Employees Union # 665

I also found one in my name (Donald C Smith). Policy #AE-063 Group # 2178 L-D-H

Can you please give me any information on them.
Thank you.

Donald C SmithRead More
12/10/2015 Occidental Insurance Very speedy service & friendly
Very speedy service. Found everyone I spoke to at Occidental very friendly and well informed.

SondraRead More
6/17/2015 Occidental Insurance - This company failure to act on claim has severely
This company failure to act on claim has severely sent my wife into depression and troubling our new born .

Edgar SanchezRead More
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