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OkCupid boasts over a million quality singles from all around the world, you can make a new friend or set up a date for free! OkCupid has agreed to a buyout from Match.com in 2011

Ok Cupid USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Official Address
PO Box 12627
Dallas TX 75225 USA

Phone Number

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1-888-892-2065 Review and Hint Needed


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5/12/2017 OkCupid - i am lookingfor single men in repentiginy
i am lookingfor single men in repentiginy montreal 65 plus

sherry rosa Read More
4/27/2017 OkCupid - no phone # for okc= no joining up. this site must
no phone # for okc= no joining up. this site must be a scam if they hav no phone answering, also the only way to stop charges would be to cancel the credit card. bad site.

4/17/2017 OkCupid - I just for boosts...over 16 dollars and your site
I just for boosts...over 16 dollars and your site disappeared...and even when I tried to get back on the site it was not possible,,,spent over an hour answering questions you ask and many of them such stupid questions to the point it is a waste of time to bother nice people who are tryin to hook up,,,why so many questions...please call me..or at least e-mail me

paul Read More
1/27/2017 OkCupid - They suspend your account and block your log-in
They suspend your account and block your log-in attempts if there is a Terms of Service violation (community volunteer monitors spy and report on you). I have emailed them several times and have gotten zero responses yet I keep getting email notification messages from members on a daily basis. I'm convinced this company has NO live customer service reps to communicate with.

LouLou Read More
10/23/2016 OkCupid - cancel my subscription
cancel my subscription

charles Read More
8/25/2016 OkCupid - I need to speak with someone regarding my account
I need to speak with someone regarding my account and I can't get a return call back after 30 messages I've left, I'm writing the LA times newspaper regarding my complaints and I'm guaranteed a large ad space to talk about the customer service and them not handling things. And no one to talk to!!!!!!

Carla Read More
7/6/2016 OkCupid - I have tried for about seven times to get my
I have tried for about seven times to get my original screen's put back on my site to no avail. On my site it show's men and women across the U.S.A. and in other country's which of course is of no use to me. I would have to take a plane to get a date. I have tried to get someone to help me and it appears that no one will. I have been on the OK cupid site for at least two years now and up until two months ago had no problem with it. Then one day my screens changed to the ones mentioned above. I get message's in my email from a couple of women that I cannot respond to because of the different screen's. About two weeks ago my original site came back on and I chatted with a few of the women and then about a week ago it went down again and I got the screen's as mentioned above. I can't seem to get anyone to help me. I have used OK cupid for over two years now and up until the afore mentioned events I had no problem with it. I hope someone can help me, I haven't given up but I am reaching the end of my rope and I'm thinking of another service to use.


Mike Read More
7/3/2016 OkCupid - I have called Cupid over seven (7) times to no
I have called Cupid over seven (7) times to no avail. I live in Hamden Ct. 06517. I set up my profile to give me a 50 mile radius for dating. About one month ago the screens that came up where full of men and women throughout U.S.A. and out of country i.e. England, Ireland, Japan to name a few. I would have to take a plane to get a date. About two weeks later my original screen's came back. The screens from left to right are who visited you, middle screen the amount of people that visited me and the right one women who would like to meet me. Then it happened again I have the full men and women throughout the country and out of the country shown again. on the screen. This of course is of no use to me. I have women from Cupid shown in my email BUT I CANNOT RESPOND TO THEM. I am missing out on some potential dates and beginning to unnerve me. If you can't give me the service that I need please tell me and I will get another service.

Mike Read More
6/12/2016 OkCupid - I have been using the free site for quite awhile
I have been using the free site for quite awhile now. This weekend the site no longer exists. It had three circles one who viewed my site the middle one was a recap of individuals, number wise that visited my site and the third one was one that contacted me and left a message. I no longer have the three areas that I have used for contacts, and message box. Why has it changed? I can no longer contact the individuals that were listed in the circles. Why did you change the format? how do I get it back? I had at least two individuals that was going to meet. Now there are individuals that are from other country's, cities that do not show what state there in. I just want to view the women in Ct. within a 50 mile radius and can no longer do it. Please contact me by email

Mike Read More
5/24/2016 OkCupid - This site is a sham, you can't get hold of your
This site is a sham, you can't get hold of your account to disable it or cancel it its too much for so little, the help is worthless.

Claudia clough Read More
3/2/2016 Getting naughty and scam emails from OkCupid
I was trying to find out what I could about a site called get naughty, apparently they are related or the same. I received emails from this site claiming that various young ladies had seen me somewhere, maybe originally ok cupid, and were eager to meet me. Middle aged fool that I am I tried to check it out, clicked the email and ended up on the site called get naughty which is more adult oriented. They offered a 3-day trial membership for a low price and I accepted. They claimed my first card declined so I gave them my bank checking card and it goes through. Next I start receiving 12 to 15 emails a day from girls who want to get to know me/left me a message but when I click to read the message I suddenly find myself on a webcam sex show site demanding that I purchase tokens to "tip" the girls with. To me, this is simply interactive porn and doesn't interest me so I click off back to email but am foolish enough to keep thinking it's just a glitch and trying again. Finally, I end up on the same site but now half the page is blocked by a blank cover page and there are no arrows to scroll up or down, no X to close the page, no means of moving anywhere other than to shut down my computer. But instead, I try to place my pointer in various areas of the blank screen and click as if looking for a portal and, sure enough, eventually the screen blink and I am back to my email. Then later I receive an email thanking me for purchasing a fairly large number of webcam tokens, I respond to the email asking what the F... are they talking about get no response, attempt to contact a site administrator with no luck and eventually check my accounts where about $50 has been deducted from the account that supposedly declined the $5 purchase. I have been trying for two days to connect with someone to get some response with no luck and the company who operates the debit card has also failed to get back to me. What the hell is going on here? Where are our authorities? forget suing them, these people are committing wire fraud and theft why aren't they being prosecuted by the law? The individual amounts may be small but it totals in the millions and there are more than 2 people who are knowingly involved in ongoing criminal activities. That is an RICO violation! People need to contact prosecutors, particularly federal prosecutors and demand that something is done to prosecute these thieves. The fact that they are a corporation should not shield them from responsibility for their intentional acts.

Jeff Martin Read More
12/8/2015 OkCupid - I need a phone number for you -
I need a phone number for you -

Lois Read More
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