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Olan Mills is America's portrait studio. Olan Mills offers professional quality portraits to capture timeless moments of you and your family.

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9/16/2013 Olan Mills - The lady that did the pictures was awesome but
The lady that did the pictures was awesome but when I went in to order the CD, another lady was so rude to me. She complained about the offerer the photographer gave us ($99 CD) said she had to use her employee discont to get it that low. And that phogorapher shouldn't have gave me such low prices. And that I misunderstood them, when on speaker phone when the lady clearly said I could get an extra copy of the CD for no extra charge. That was before i went to buy it. My husband and mother both heard her tell me that and when I went to buy it she said that I misunderstood her, not that she misunderstood me. She was completely rude, had an attitude with me about everything. The pitures are beautiful but I will not be returning with the treatment I had there. She also said the picture CD would be ready in one week and its been over two. Still no word from them and when I call the number is busy. And when I call the corporate office that number is busy also. So IDK what to do but I want my $100 back.

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7/9/2013 Went to Olan Mills at least that is the number we
Went to Olan Mills at least that is the number we called in Tucson on Broadway and that is what the answering machine also said, however when we got there the sign on the door said Moments to Remember. Had family in town for a week paid extra $9.95 to expedite the order arrived to pick up and order was not there, was told that printers would break up order and Fedex part of order to me and part to visiting family on Monday. Got call today that printers would not break up order and sent to Olan Mills Office (or should I say Moments to Remember) supposedly shipping out today to each of us. Very poor service!!!! So who am I dealing with for my almost $200 picture order. Feeling ripped off!!!

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3/25/2013 Olan Mills - I bought a coupon package at the Alton il Kmart
I bought a coupon package at the Alton il Kmart and b4 I could book a appointment the studio had closed so now I have a 20.00 voucher and no local studio to have portals done and FRUSTRATED CUSTOMER WHO NEEDS A REFUND!

Jamie Read More
2/2/2013 Olan Mills - i want to know were my w-2s are and when you guys
i want to know were my w-2s are and when you guys send them out i live in pa.

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12/30/2012 Olan Mills - Albany ga mall 2 hours after appointment and still
Albany ga mall 2 hours after appointment and still not call to take pictures. Never ever ever again lui

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12/21/2012 I will never go to Olan Mills again. I had my 3
I will never go to Olan Mills again. I had my 3 year old twins photographed there Wednesday night in Lexington Ky. I arrived 30 minutes early for an appt booked online. The photographer was extremely rude saying I couldn't have a 7pm appt because they close at 7pm. Well, thats the time the computer gave me when I booked online. She found appt and tried to get me to reschedule. I said I didn't want to because I had driven an hour to get there and my daughters had their hair done, etc... She got mad that I wouldn't reschedule. Then she told me she wouldn't honor the special because I didn't have a printed coupon. She sent me to FedEx to print coupon which cost $1.50 just to print coupon from my email. I had to wait another 1 hour to be photographed, then she got up and walked away and had a new employee (first day, didn't know how to use camera) take the photos of my daughters. After wasting 15-20 minutes on awful pictures, she finally cae over and took some good photos.

When I sat down to view photos, she made me wait while she finished editing someone else's photos. Then when she finished, she said the system had shut down and I wouldn't be able to view my photos!!! She said she would email them to me that night. She never did. I have been calling ever since and still have not even been emailed the photos so I can order them. I have contacted corporate twice and gotten no response.

I truly cannot believe any company operates this way.

Tracy Read More
12/19/2012 Olan Mills has the worst customer service. 12/19/12
Olan Mills has the worst customer service. This was the first time I gave in to have my pictures taken in 16 years. My Wife wanted a family portrait so she scheduled with the local olan mills in Elkview, W.Va.. We waited patiently for our turn and even though it took us some time to pick out what we wanted, we finally agreed on what pictures we wanted and we placed our order, including Christmas cards to be sent out. When we go to pick up our order, after calling for 3 days and never getting a call back, at first they could not find our order, and when the pictures were located NOTHING was right, Our Christmas cards did not have the correct picture, the writing was not on the cards as we requested, and our 8x10 are scuffed right down the middle, and our 10x13 calendar was damaged. This has got to be the worst customer service I have received anywhere, at least McDonalds will make mistakes right. We did try to handle this at a local level, but we have yet to hear from the district manager.

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12/3/2012 Olan Mills Customer Review: No pictures, just a blank envelope!
No pictures, just a blank envelope!!!
I sat for my son's first Christmas photos on 11/18/12 at the Kmart on Baychester Ave in the Bronx. I paid for the pictures and was told they would be available on 12/2/12. The pick up date is also on the order summary. When I went to pick up my pictures I was told "something happened to the order" and all they had was a blank envelope. I asked where my pictures were and was told they didn't know. I asked why didn't someone call and tell me there was a problem with my order, one guy told me the pictures came in 5 days ago and he didn't know why I wasn't called. The photographer that took our pictures said the order came in on Friday and no one had time to call me or the headquarters to find out what happened? I asked to speak to the manager. The manager's name was Monica and she was very rude and felt no remorse that my son's 1st Christmas pictures are missing. Monica also told me I should have called to make sure my pictures came in????? I told her I have an order summary that states the pictures would be available on 12/2/12 at 10am. Besides they have an envelope with my order of close to $200 printed on them without a SINGLE picture in the envelope. The envelope was delivered on time... but WHERE ARE MY PICTURES???????

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11/19/2012 Olan Mills Lying and Deceit about Packages
On November 16,2012 one of their sales associate sold me a package. In the package she stated that the processing fee was waived and that I would be getting for 10 dollars: 1(8x10),2(5x7), and 24 wallets as well as 4(3.5x5). The appointment was set for Today November 18,2012. We arrive and I am told that it wasn't the truth and the package that I was sold wasn't going to be honored, I was told that I would have to pay the processing fee, and if I wanted to order anything else I would pay. Which is no problem, because the associate that sold me the package said that i would also get 40 percent off whatever else we ordered. The studio manager named Kayla was very rude as well as her assistant Nikki. I had the receipt that showed what I paid for and they wouldn't honor it. The associate that sold me the package name is Katrina. I asked for their corporate number and Nikki was rude and yelling. I am so disappointed that a company wouldn't honor what was sold. I have used Olan Mills for years for my family and this time is was not a great experience. Plus the extra stuff I was ordering was over 400 dollars. Olan Mills will never see another one of my dollars. And I am telling everyone I know not to go here

Sade Read More
11/8/2012 Olan Mills - I see a lot of issues posted on here about Olan
I see a lot of issues posted on here about Olan Mills. Olan Mills sold to Lifetouch in Nov 2011. It is not really Olan Mills anymore it is Lifetouch portrait studios using the OM name. Lifetouch is the same company in JCPenny, Target, and schools.

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10/21/2012 I went to Olan mills in Abingdon Va.. have been
I went to Olan mills in Abingdon Va.. have been there at least 4 times just this year, never had a problem until they switched lady's. When I initially went to my appointment at 1pm I had to wait an hour for the people before me to get done then they obviously wanted to view them and all that good stuff. so by that time my 9 month old was ready for a nap and the 2pm people were there ready to have theirs done. I was ready to cancel at that point but was told I could not have a refund on a prepaid package. So I rescheduled for the next day and was told I would not have to wait. Got there the next day and I yet again had to wait. Got the pictures done, Then when the pictures were suppose to be there no one had called me, and I called them.. She put me on hold and then hung up on me. so I went down there. My pictures were in fact ready but yet another problem posed. She did not fix the Christmas ball in the picture that had been chipped like she said she would when I was there for the appointment. Olan mills has gotten a lot of money from me just in the 9 months my daughter has been born but never again will they get a penny from me...

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10/5/2012 Olan Mills - I was suppose to have my son's 9 month old
I was suppose to have my son's 9 month old pictures done today. Well took him to Olan Mills since two weeks ago in Kmart they convinced me up front that 15 dollars was a great price for a bunch of pictures. We showed up 30 mins early nobody is there. The lights are off and theres a chain up to block anyone from going in. We walked around kmart for a while cause who knows maybe they are on lunch and we are early. Well when are appt time came around nobody was there. We stayed there an hour and nobody ever showed up until we go to walk out the door. Then i asked if we could have his pictures done. The lady said I'm sorry but I can't do them because you missed your time and I have another customer. I will NEVER EVER use them again.

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