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3/18/2015 Olay commercial w/ Katie Holmes/ Cruze. We all
Olay commercial w/ Katie Holmes/ Cruze. We all despise her, ugly slanted smile, & dumb enough to be torchered by Tom Cruze. Every one I know feels this way. The only way your sales could be up, is for sympathetic women of her marrage. Sleeping in separate bedrooms, ect... It doesn't matter if the rumors are true or false!? The stigma is there! Your loss in finanances, not ours. Good luck w/ that!

HarlanRead More
6/25/2013 Olay - To The Managers,I have a report below, in a 1
To The Managers,

I have a report below, in a 1 Beauty Shop at Penang - Butterworth address: 5, Lorong Tanjung Jaya, 12300 Butterworth, Penang, Malaysian. Beauty Center Phone No. 04- 3315 359 The name is beauty care center LUIS BEAUTY MAKER The head with using Product of Olay - UV White With the repackaging to replace their products to product sales. This Beauty Center Person Mobile No. 016- 402 6502 / 019- 626 0611 (Joe Joe Kok & Luis Phang)

Thank you.

Best Regards,

KellyRead More
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