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Olive Garden is a family of local restaurants focused on delighting every guest with a genuine Italian dining experience. We are proud to serve fresh, simple, delicious Italian food.

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10/1/2016 Olive Garden - my name is Wilford Fevrier i am looking for job,i
my name is Wilford Fevrier i am looking for job,i for got my password and my security question can you help me about that please?

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4/5/2016 I would like to say that the Olive Garden in
I would like to say that the Olive Garden in Billings Mt is very good. I had the best server I have had at any restaurant in a long time. She was kind, smiled a lot, and just had that attention to detail that most do not have..Her name was Amanda so if any of you are going to Billings, stop by, ask for Amanda and enjoy a great meal!!!!!!!

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2/27/2015 Olive Garden - Shit happens. Don't blame people for political
Shit happens. Don't blame people for political crap and dont complain when people make mistakes. You couldn't do what they do if your life depends on it. Besides you probably tip like garbage anyway. Stay home

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9/8/2014 In response to Olive Garden's latest $100 for 35
In response to Olive Garden's latest $100 for 35 days (or 7 weeks) tactic. My suggestion to headquarters/management is hire folks that realize Excellent Customer Service is a MUST, and pay them accordingly. I haven't eaten at OG in over 3 years - specifically because I received terrible service from our waiter/server (Virginia Beach, VA. Lynnhaven area). I emailed headquarters to let them know my disappointment - they sent a "freebie card" in the mail weeks later; it went straight in the shredder. I certainly had no desire to return and wouldn't give it to someone else to experience the poor customer service. It's not about getting a free meal - I'll pay for my meals - but I expect (demand) excellent service.

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8/20/2014 Olive Garden - You have a serious problem in your North Spokane,
You have a serious problem in your North Spokane, WA. restaurant. One of your managers there, "Lidia" I think, is routinely and indiscriminately harassing the waiters and waitresses. She is constantly reprimanding them to a point it is effecting your service and I am not going to continue to watch them being abused, they all work too hard for that. I also have heard that their hours and tables have been cut back so far that none of them can pay their bills on the hours they get.

I am in there about twice a month with clients and have been for a while, but I am not going back there any time soon. I don't think it is right to have so many wait help that none of them can make a living. How long will it take for all of them to find jobs that affords them to feed themselves and their family's and pay their bills. Neither are a lot of other sales people I know as well as numerous families I have heard say they will never be back there again. I truly hope this is a local problem that can be fixed and not your new corporate mandate. I don't think you would allow any of your family to try to have to raise a family on 17 or 18 hours a week like you are forcing your employees to do. Do you care so little for your employees to force them all into poverty to make that last almighty dime off their backs like they do in third world countries or is it just slavery with a different face.

Please, would you let me know if this is your new policy or something you were not aware of! I will be waiting your response.

Thank you for listening to one of your long time clients.

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6/29/2014 wow today I went to the olive garden in green
wow today I went to the olive garden in green acres mall in rochdale new York me and a few members in my church , I was telling them about my previous good experiences in the olive garden in midtown Manhattan and the one in Miami Dade where I had a wonderful experience and the service was excellent , But the minute I reach at the one at green acres mall I was surprised to see that there wasn't a long line wish is very weird I usually have to wait about an hour and a half to two hours to eat . The minute I came in , the people I came with were already seated , and there wasn't that many people in there on a Sunday afternoon, which is another indices that tell me I should have hightailed out od there leave right away . then we sat down the waiter was very nice but it seems that he had amnesia he brought us a bowl of salads for two 4 people , a small basket of bread , he didn't asked us what kind of dressing we wanted , then the drinks came way after the entrée , we asked for napkins we didn't receive it we asked for straws we didn't received the food was subpar , wow what a horrible experiences , we also asked for cheese we didn't receive it .It seems that they were understaffed as well
Wow this restaurant is a disgrace to the franchise , the service is awful . I will never set foot in this place again , . The worst thing is that I traveled so far and paid so much money for the worst experience of my life.

very unsatisfied customer Read More
6/11/2014 6/10/2014 We went to Olive Garden in Peoria, IL
6/10/2014 We went to Olive Garden in Peoria, IL for my grandsons Birthday. It was a very disappointing experience the food was cold . The waitress was so stressed that she keep saying she couldn't handle so many customers. Then when we asked for the bill she had put it all on one bill. We asked for separate ones then she threw the bill into the dishes.Still the bill was wrong so we handled it ourselves. I've always enjoyed going there however after this I may not go there again. I don't know if there is a different manager because the last time I was there I enjoyed the service and the meal. Its really sad how things can change.


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5/12/2014 We used to be an avid Olive Garden patron until we
We used to be an avid Olive Garden patron until we moved to Anderson IN 4 years ago. We started out going there a lot until the food went to hell. We stopped going for quite some time and figured last night we would give it another shot since we had been working in the yard and it had been a while. Mistake
I was on my way to Starbucks and Anderson Olive Garden to order our food. approx. 8:35 p.m. Was told it was going to be about 20-25 minutes.
I order my drink at Starbucks at 8:38 p.m. (it's a computer printed sticker on my cup with time).
Olive Garden is right across the street so I got to there fairly quickly.
Was in parking lot at 8:50 and went inside. Told the girl at the hostess station who I was, I was a little early but I was there for a pick up order. She used her microphone thing and told someone that I was there for a pick up order then told me I could have a seat in the bar or the seats by the door until it was ready.
I'm not a bar person so I sat by the door. I noticed a bag sitting on the bar and thought I'm early it can't be mine. WRONG!! I had been waiting so long the hostess asked if I wanted a drink while I waited.
Another patron came in and asked where to go for pick up orders and the girl (different girl now) tells her to go to bar and pay and pick up. I thought hmmmm let me go to the bar and pay and see what's up with mine. So I did. I went to the bar, after a few minutes a girl comes up and asks if I've been helped. I told her no and she said she would go check see. Another girl came out a few minutes later and said "are you Williams?" I said yes, she told me how much I owed (59.99), took my payment then pushed the large bag of food that had been sitting on the bar over to me.
I said "this bag has been sitting on this bar since I came in here and it's been at least 10-15 minutes (actually checking my watch when I got to the car it had been better than 20 minutes).
The bar person said something along the lines of no it hasn't, it just got put up there. That was a crock of crap and I knew it. I took my food home, no sense arguing with a liar and thought I'd go on line and let Olive Garden know about my experience or I'd call the GM in the morning. Most of the food was cold, thank God for microwaves. I called the restraint and the girl that answered the phone had no idea when the GM would be in. I attempted to contact onlne and amazingly enough there is something wrong with there 'contact us' page. Go figure

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5/8/2014 Olive Garden - Temecula Ca.. This place is the wrong place to go
Temecula Ca.. This place is the wrong place to go if you're on a lunch break from your job. It has to be the slowest place on earth. Over an hour to be seated from 11:30 to 12:30 + and give our order. Don't go there if you're on a lunch break from work You'll going back well past your allotted time. It wasn't like the place was that busy.

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5/8/2014 Olive Garden - Our company had lunch there and the service was
Our company had lunch there and the service was super slow. it took almost an hour just to get seated at 11:30 and then took another 20 minutes to get our drinks! non alcoholic may I add. all in all it was a 2 hour lunch a bit long for a lunch. This is the second time I've this type of service from the same place. Last time for me and I will say to all I know this is not the place to go for lunch if you have a job to go back to. I'll bet it's the last time Quick Silver Aeronautics goes there again for lunch.

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5/6/2014 This evening we took our meal at Olive Garden
This evening we took our meal at Olive Garden #1695 (check #20211) here in Dothan Alabama...in the past we've come to expect nothing but the best foods and service but such was not the case on this occasion...the place was busy but not extra busy but we had a sense that we were being hurried along with out food selection...in addition my wife wanted to add wine with her meal and selected the Olive Garden House Wine priced at
$5.00 the waitress came back with Sutter Home and told my wife that they did not have a bottle of that wine opened and asked my wife if she would take the Sutter Home instead..my wife then asked if it was chilled and was assured that it was...However, when it was brought to the table it was warm and flat...she then said that she would bring out some other wine to make up the difference but she never did...and then to boot we were charged $6.00 for the wine instead of $5.00....My wife had ordered eggplant parmesian and was not able to eat it all because it had a fishy taste.....all in all this was a most discouraging and disappointing evening out....It will probably be a long while before we venture into this Olive Garden again....

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5/5/2014 Olive Garden - I hope I am in the correct site.I want to let
I hope I am in the correct site.

I want to let you know about the most wonderful server we have ever had at Olive Garden. Went to Leesburg, Fl and have been there a number of times. Her name is Jamie. We were so impressed with her service, kindness, organization, etc. Felt like she know us and our needs. What an AWSOME employee you have. Found out she has only been there for a month. All employees should have her skills. I am in costumer service with the airlines and would LOVE to snatch her up. I commend the supervisor who trained her and also for hiring her. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!

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