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1-888-553-4448Press 5; at prompt press 0. No callback after hours.


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2/21/2011 Olympus - Digital - I have a complaint about my sons camera that I
I have a complaint about my sons camera that I gave him as a gift. It is an Olympus Model SP-350. It never worked properly from day one. We put new batteries in it and after taking a few pictures the display would indicate low battery and then shut down. I brought it back to BEST BUY where I bought it and they claimed to have fixed it, but when I got it back it still had the same issue. I gave up after that and I guess I probably should have insisted on a new camera but it had been four months. It has been a few years now, but I am so disappointed in Olympus and BEST BUY about this. I think I spent about $300.00 and have nothing to show for it. Well I have a knick-knack that resembles a camera. I am wondering if anyone else had this same problem with the same camera?

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