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5/8/2012 Omega Watches - Why can't I get information through your archive?
Why can't I get information through your archive? It does not seem right that I can't just because I live in the USA. I have a Omega Cronometro DDR 23 diamond and ruby jewels made for the Mexican market. Serial #2618513 It is in a AWWCCO. 18K hunting case. It is marked "Omega Cronometro Extra DDR 23 Piedras finas" on the cuvette. Dial marked "Omega Cronometro, La Joya, Mexico". Fully capped lever escapement. Movement marked "Omega Cronometro DDR 23 Diamantes y Rubies, Regularizado en 5 Posiciones y en Temperaturas Extremas". Nickel movement has intricate and fancy damascening. I will gladly pay for information from your archives. I will greatly appreciate any help you can give me. THANKS so much.

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