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OneMain Financial, formerly CitiFinancial, provides personalized loan solutions, local service at 1,300 branches nationwide.

One Main Financial Escrow: 1-800-986-5616

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1-877-550-6246 Review and Hint Needed


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12/1/2015 Hello one main financial, I was just curious about
Hello one main financial, I was just curious about why you all couldn't accept the credit counseling program I entered, in June of this year, which they say you all never responded, I personally don't have the funds which is why I'm on the program,beyond that I cant make any payments to you all. The non profit organization is Clearpoint Credit Conseling Solutions, And my case manager is Ann Mansueti,. I'm exhausted in my personal income and all my other creditors are onboard except you all, If you could reconsider my situation I would be so appreciative.

bernard stevens Read More
7/8/2014 One Main Financial - Been trying to contack a rep 3 times today waiting
Been trying to contack a rep 3 times today waiting approximatery 10 mins each time. NO RESPONSE. mUY ACCT # . This acct was closed on the 9th lazst month. I talked to a rep about 3 weeks ago about an overpayment and the fact that when I took out this load from CitiFinancial I gave them my car title as collateral. Young lady advised a rebate check would be mailed along with the title. I got the rebate but no title. Question , where is the title??? My name is John. Ive been calling #1-888-202-1266 with no success. Email address Should have no rteason for a response

John Read More
1/31/2014 How can i stop emails from One Main Financial?
Pls. remove me from your mailing lists.

carmelita camposagrado Read More
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