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Established in 1996, is the nation's first online shoe retailer. With a history that began decades ago in a family-owned corner shoe store, the company is committed to delivering exceptional value and service.

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1-800-786-3141Hint Needed - Please Comment


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8/23/2016 - I ordered two pair of sandals, following day
I ordered two pair of sandals, following day received email they were cancelled. Based on that I ordered a different pair. Then customer rep phoned me and emailed me to say first two pair were back in stock and would be forthcoming. Based on this news I cancelled third pair. More than a week later but 11 days after first order was placed I received yet another email that the first order which I had still yet to receive was a gift from Online shoes ! Sounds great except only half the order was sent and the third pair that I cancelled timely was received and I was charged for them! I called numerous times, had to hold on the line over 25 minutes each time and finally spoke with a rude supervisor who said I should be satisfied with one free pair even though I was promised two pair that they offered to me during all the confusion! I will no longer be shopping with them! Too much deceit and misrepresentation!

ClaireRead More
1/3/2016 How do I check the status of my order from
I need to know the status of my order. I returned shoes 12/24/15 seven business days ago. My statement #2KWPNQ3-1. My shoe order #X4287201. My USPO tracking #9534 6000 2055 5358 0000 62. Mailed from Austin Texas 78759-9998. I wrote you explaining they were being sent back. Today I got the message I was late paying! Please alert that department I am not to be billed for this order! Thank you! C.Short. 1/3/16.

CarolRead More
11/3/2015 - Online shoes 1800 number always giving me a busy
Online shoes 1800 number always giving me a busy signal all the time. Sent them email but all I recurve is an automatic reply that they are busy but never get back to me. It been almost 3 weeks already.

ImieRead More
4/11/2013 - this is for the Online Shoe on the web. I need to
this is for the Online Shoe on the web. I need to return a pair of shoes "bernice" as theytoo small. Called yesterday April 9, 2023 for a label to return them. I ddidnot receive the label, nor can I find the number to call again. cAN YOU PLEASE WRITE TO ME AT [email protected] SO CAN GET A A LABEL AND THE BOX BACK ON ups. upS WILL CHARGE ME $15.00 IF NOT HAVE A LABEL. THANK YOU SO MUCH. AGAIN THE E MAIL ADDRESS IS m

joyce andersonRead More
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