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Call Optus using your Teletypewriter (Mobile customers call 1800 123 124
Home Phone, Internet and Optus TV customers call 1800 500 002
TTY users please note that the emergency TTY number is 106). Call us on 133 937 if you are an Optus customer with a medically certified life-threatening condition and you require an Optus service fault to be fixed as a priority.

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1 800 123 124 Review and Hint Needed


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1/10/2013 Optus - i have a samsung galaxy having
i have a samsung galaxy having prolems with it as it over heats and re rings everyone.wont go on the internet,it drops out,or it just does its own thing,im a 57 year old women,who has major health problems and cant be without a phone as i live alone,my mobile number is

susan Read More
6/29/2012 Optus - I have not had network coverage on my mobile phone
I have not had network coverage on my mobile phone for four days. I've tried travelling several kilometres north and south without success. Obviously I can't ring service difficulties. What am I supposed to do? Am I to be compensated for thia sustained loss of access?

Rob Read More
6/23/2012 can't open internet from optus usb mobile
can't open internet from optus usb mobile broadband from start up page as it was un-installed and then re-stalled and now not working , how can i fix it

philbe Read More
5/2/2011 Optus - no such thing as assistance anymnore , ive been
no such thing as assistance anymnore , ive been trying to pay my mobile bill account over the phone ..with some assistance ? Impossible i keep getting cut off after waiting on hold forlong ..In the meantime another 50 cents or whatever it costs for another phone call !! Good on you !!
Wheres the good ole days gone ...where we got some good service gone and respect talking to the customers that keep the phone company's going and keep the companys rich?
Cheryl Williams

Cheryl Read More
12/23/2010 Optus needs to lift their game. Their customer
Optus needs to lift their game. Their customer service is of very low standard from my experience, I've been caused nothing but grief. They are suppose to be a communication organisation yet they have hindered me communicating by suspending my mobile access, I could not make mobile calls and why???? Because they do not do their job efficeintly which is why I am moving from them. I shall take away my phone and broadband (I've already taken away my mobile service from them).

I have moved house and unbeknown to me was given a new account number but Optus was sending my bills in my old account which I have been paying my bills on. Then I get a HUGE bill because I haven't paid on my new account number but I had credit in my old account. Then my mobile calls were suspended and when I enquired it was because I owed $15 of which I had no idea was outstanding. I was told that the credit from my old account would be transferred to my new account and surprise, surprise, it was not done which is why I was suspended.

I have had enough and I am looking for a new provider. Also I am going to build three units where I am living and they will need phones and guess what??? IT WON'T BE WITH OPTUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doula Gerasimou Read More
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