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Orchard Brands is a leading, multi-channel marketer of apparel and home products focused on serving the needs of the rapidly growing market segment of women and men above the age of fifty-five.

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1-978-922-2040Hint Needed - Please Comment


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4/20/2011 Orchard Brands Corp. - This was my first experience with Orchard's Haband
This was my first experience with Orchard's Haband and it will be my last. I placed an order two weeks ago and was told the items were in stock. When I tracked the package, which I was told had shipped, I found that it is still sitting in the warehouse. I phoned customer service, which is in the Philipines. I spoke with a supervisor, Ilene, who was very difficult to understand, and she was not helpful, rude, and told me that she had no idea why FEDEX had not picked up the package after two weeks. She would not even research the problem. My card has been charged for the purchase, but my merchandise sits in the warehouse. Is this any way to run a business?

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