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In 2005, Organize Everything acquired the name, an easy name to remember that tells you just who we are. Today, this privately owned business operates with the same philosophy as the day our doors first opened.

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1-800-600-9817Hint Needed - Please Comment


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3/24/2014 Inc. - Agree, I am in Australia and this company are the
Agree, I am in Australia and this company are the WORST. Products took two months to arrive, by which time I bought the good elsewhere. Tried to arrange a refund, was promised one, sent products back at great expense and then the customer service person I had been emailing disappeared - got an undeliverable email message. Huge waste of my time and money. DO NOT do business with these crooks!

EliseRead More
1/13/2012 Inc. - Ordering from this company is a nightmare. I am
Ordering from this company is a nightmare. I am getting no response in trying to return an order. Money down the drain

dougRead More
2/22/2011 Inc. - 2/ 22/ 2011I agree ABSOLUTELY DO NOT ORDER FROM
2/ 22/ 2011
I agree ABSOLUTELY DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY.While the customer service agents (Lindsay & Carolyn)are lovely to speak with, the company policies & practices are horrific.I place an order in the latter part of December. First, they gave me a hard time not honoring the free shipping for orders greater than $100.00 as advertised. The order took forever to process and recieve. For a while there I was beginning to believe that Lindsay was the entire company! It seemes as though with each passing call she had to inspire someone else to do their job. I repeatedly heard that the delay was due to bad weather. However, I live on the Jersey shore and since the day after Christmas we have been hit with one major snow storm after the next and life still goes on here. CCall after call, email after email the drama contines. The ad did not correctly depict the product. If it had I could have saved us both a lot of greif. When I received the product and noted thatit was inferior I promptly call and asked that send me return postage. The compnay policy is not to accomodate the customer. So I shipped it backall the same at an additional cost of $30.00 more. Waited weeks for the credit to appear. Once I called again they credited a partial payment. Once again I called and i was told that the rest of the credit wouldreceive priority attention. Again weeks after i received another partial credit. I was tild that they had subtracted the original shipping cost for the credit. All toll I have paid mare than $50.00 for shipping for an order that should have cost $130.00. This is how they treat a first time customer? Word of mouth and the repeat customer is the foundation of a good business. For this never to be again customer, two strikes and you are out big time. Are they stupid? In these matters, Women take care of each other & Women certainly do talk. Margaret

Margaret Read More
1/28/2011 Inc. - DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY, I placed an order
DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY, I placed an order on 1/13/2001and it is now 1/28/2011 and have not received my order. I sent several email requests to query the status of my order with no response. I called two days (01/26/2011) ago and talked to "Sarah" who said my order was in shipping and would go out UPS that day. In addition I would be able to track it via their website that day as well. The tracking information is still not there, but also indicates it will be shipped USPS. Just received a email indicating that part of my order was canceled with no explanation. This company has no customer service. At this point I have no idea if and when I might receive my order. In the meantime I went to The Container Store and got everything I needed for the same price had on sale for 20% off.

KeithRead More
1/12/2011 Inc. - DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! They have the
DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! They have the WORST customer service imaginable. I placed an order a week ago. Their website states that orders will ship in 2 - 3 days, or an email notification will be sent. Well, it's been a week and when I check the "status" it appears nothing has shipped. I have received NO emails, no phone calls, nothing. I tried call the toll free number but the line disconnects. I tried "chatting" online and the person never responded back with information about my order. The last "chat" said she would call me, but I'm still waiting. I tried sending emails, but those too were ignored. So, I have no idea if/when I will ever receive my order. I guess my only option now is to call my credit card company and dispute the charge.

NicoleRead More
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