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From pink flamingos, yoyos and grass skirts to holiday decorations, scrapbooking, and crafts, They Make the World More Fun at Oriental Trading Company!

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12/2/2013 Oriental Trading Co. Inc. - Oriental Trading was the worst experience of my life!
I ordered $180 worth of stuff for my wedding and when I recieved them not one item in the box was exactly like what was in the magazine. So immediately I called to ask for a return shipping label and a week went by and I never recieved one so I called back and asked again and another week went by and still no label so I called back a third time and another week no label so I called back a 4th time and finally got one emailed to me and I was promised that if I sent the items back to them the following morning that they would reimburse my bank account as soon as they could track it so I sent them out the next morning like I promised and I called them and they told me that I had to wait 30 days from the day they recieved payment to get my money back! And that it today Dec 2 and they have not reimbursed my money and I have tried 3 different customer service numbers and they all said all circuits are busy so I cannot get ahold of theme to see why they haven't have my money back. And the Customer Service Reps that I talked to the first few times were very rude. One even have me a phony number to their accounting department! I will never order from here again. Their products are horrible and it's the worst customer service I've bee dealt with! And if I don't get my money today I will be taking them to court! I will not allow them to continue to rip me off. Oriental Trading was the worst experience of my life!

CrystalRead More
6/18/2011 Oriental Trading Co. Inc. - Change of address from Lori Half Moon Bay, CA
Change of address from Lori Half Moon Bay, CA 94019 to Lori Skender Belmont, CA 94002

LoriRead More
12/16/2010 Oriental Trading Co. Inc. - I ordered some crosses on November 30, 2010 and I
I ordered some crosses on November 30, 2010 and I added my E mail address but because me and my daughter have the same name they answered her instead of me. It is December 15, and I still have not gotten my shipment and tomorrow is our Christmas party. I am very upset that the company did not take the time to see my Email address instead of assuming we were the same person.

almaRead More
9/22/2010 Oriental Trading Co. Inc. - 9/22 i placed an order for bllue and gold razzle
9/22 i placed an order for bllue and gold razzle beads for a sports team event. The "gold" beads, labeled gold were no way gold. They are silver. Anyone looking at them would call them silver. There is no way that anyone would miscontrue the color. When I called to return this disappointing product, I was told that return shipping was my financial responsibility and that it could take 8 weeks to process my return. I wonder how many customers oriental trading allows 2 - 8 weeks for payment of goods they send? Their poor operations allow them to hold money that is not theirs and make interest off of it. Financial reward should not belong to companies with such a sorry method of servicing customers. I will never use this company again, nor purchase products that appear to come from them.

MDRead More
5/5/2009 Oriental Trading Co. Inc. - To Whom This May Concern:I just received my 6
To Whom This May Concern:

I just received my 6 orders of cardboard DIY bird houses and I have no idea how to put them together. I have already wasted one of them and I need all of them to be assembled perfectly. They will be used for a golf invitational and I would be embarrased to give them as party favors to my guests and members the way my sad looking assembled one turned out. Would you please at least send me instructions? If I don't get a satisfactory solution to my problem I will have to unfortunately be needing to send them all back.

kathyRead More
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