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As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rollins, Inc., Orkin, Inc. provides essential pest control services to approximately 1.6 million residential and commercial customers.

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1-800-346-7546 Just wait for an operator


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5/25/2016 Orkin Pest Control - I have called marion il office for a month

I have called marion il office for a month trying to get my annual termite inspection that I have already paid and she keeps telling me he will come when he has another job down my way what am I not a paying customer terrible customer service in marion il office I finally called the regional office and they got me a appointment for tomorrow we shall see if he shows up

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9/10/2013 Orkin Pest Control - More spiders and roaches after I signed up with Orkin
If I know,before I signed up,for this service. I wouldn't of bothered. I have more spiders and cock roaches then I did before. And I tried to cancel cause I think its a waste of money.

Kristina tsarnas Read More
7/24/2013 Orkin Pest Control - YOU ARE SOOOO RIGHT, orkin bug you abouy keeping
YOU ARE SOOOO RIGHT, orkin bug you abouy keeping up the service contract, which only covers retreat, if you ever get a problem with termites , "you are on your own" By the way, don't leave the bank out, they make you buy the contract. Just as well as going to lowes fine ouy what they use. then do it yourself. AFTER you pay for you house of coarse. GOD IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS IS WATCHING ALL CROOKS>

lanell Read More
9/27/2011 Orkin Pest Control - DON'T WASTE YOU MONEY ON ORKIN. Very dishonest
DON'T WASTE YOU MONEY ON ORKIN. Very dishonest workers and just as incompetant managers with no customer appreciation whatsoever. I had the service for 3 months and still had as many spiders, ants and centipedes in my home as before the "bug experts" charged my bank account. On 2 occasions, the Orkim man never even bothered to show up for our scheduled appointment.No phone call either. As if giving us a time from 11 a.m - 3 p.m isn't long enough for us to wait for them to show up at our house...they can't even show up at all!! Then, when I called to speak to a manager, I was put on hold for 5 minutes, transferred twice then the manager was rude to me!! I cancelled my service with Orkin.

Teresa Read More
7/14/2011 Orkin Pest Control - My mother is 90 and her termite contact has
My mother is 90 and her termite contact has expired..they sent someone out previously to sell her things she did not need...we know cause another Orkin representative told us she didn't.She presently has termite traps. They told us they are now obsolete and she would need a new spray treatment.In the past Orkin failed to check the traps in a timely manor...I have found them to be very dishonest in what they say and feel they have tried to take absinthe of my older mother by trying to sell her things she doesn't need...This office is in Andrews/Murphy, NC......VERY UNPROFESSIONAL....When I told them they failed to monitor the traps in a timely manor they said"they were only human." Unbelievable

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5/4/2011 Orkin Pest Control - Also been waiting on Orkin to come and take care
Also been waiting on Orkin to come and take care of damage. I am a business owner and this has been going on since the first of the year as well. Now I am told they are saying they "do not have access"...hummmm funny that's never been an issue on the building addition that is now 11 years old and we have been paying them to treat for 11 + years.Besides that, they have treated the same area twice! VERY FRUSTRATING!!! New area manager.
Oh, and by the way, if I don't hear from the Ops Manager by Monday, I should call back...WHAT THE HECK KIND OF CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THAT??

KHW Read More
1/20/2011 Orkin Pest Control - I have Termites in my home and Orkin is dragging
I have Termites in my home and Orkin is dragging their feet. I have had Deductible repair Guarantee that I have been paying for since 1990.We started this Jan 12. We have followed all of Orkins direction to the word.
Orkin wants to do a patch job on my home.I have major structural damage according to my contractor. They meaning, Orkin has yet to bring out anyone who knows anything about home building. I need some hel.p

James Read More
10/12/2009 Orkin Pest Control - great service
great service

nick Read More
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