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9/4/2015 Trying for about 4 months to get filters for Oticon hearing aids
I have been trying for about 4 months to get the filters for my Oticon hearing aids. Your dealer keeps telling me there is a shortage & he cannot get them from you. I would like to know what is going on? MY first set of Oticon was great I had a different Dealer in Florida. I now have a Dealer in Indiana, this might be the difference I do not know, I just can not believe your company would put up with this kind of operation. Please advise.

Richard Read More
7/10/2015 Oticon - I have a set of DigiFocus 2 hearing aids
I have a set of DigiFocus 2 hearing aids. Can they be upgraded to a newer technology? If not do you recycle them for needy, how about reconditioning them for me?
My uncle a deceased music teacher had them and never quite adjusted to them. He paid $7000.00 for them.
Please advise.
P.S. His log showed extreme dissatisfaction with their performance.

Meryl Greunke {Graytown Flash} Read More
6/10/2014 Oticon - You don't have any customer service VA supplied
You don't have any customer service
VA supplied my product they will be advised

Chuck Read More
5/23/2014 Oticon customer service doesnt exist
your service doesnt exist. your brocure on how to connect streamer pro to a t.v. is totally lacking. why you have booklets is beyond me, for they donot explain anything. why would anyone want your products is beyond me. it would be nice if someone contacted me from your company to instruct me as to how to proceed connecting to a t.v. without any cost.

ron Read More
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