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7/14/2015 Outlook - who can I speak to about loosing all my info?
who can I speak to about loosing all my info to an upgrade from Hotmail.com to outlook. I never wanted outlook and right now I have finally calmed down. Very very upset who may I speak with about my Hotmail account that was upgraded outlook. I was very angry in my last message but have calmed down excuse that but I have very important email pertaining to my mom an her death an policy's I need back, not to mention my family genealogy, receipts of payments made. I am at lost for words on this can some one please assist me an excuse the previous message out of anger. Microsoft site mention all the stuff would be transferred it wasn't an I didn't authorize this change. They created a email address (@hotmail.com) what kinda email setting is this. Please can

Thank you

Craig C. MillerRead More
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