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Famous among the world's elite chefs
Developed after years of engineering research
Faster, simpler, and more accurate than traditional tools or gadgets
Perfect for all brands of chef, hunting and outdoor knives
Customer Service:
Phone: 800-901-5389 Mon. - Fri. 8am - 5pm PST

Phone Number

1-800-901-5389Review and Hint Needed


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5/11/2010 Ozitech Furi Knive Sharpener - I wanted to buy a sharpener for $15 plus shipping
I wanted to buy a sharpener for $15 plus shipping as advertized on their webpage. During the transaction, they offered multiple items, which I declined. When I hit purchase button, expecting a charge of $15 plus shipping to pop up, a bill of $66.75 popped up! No warning, no confirmation, nothing.

After numerous calls to have the order cancelled, they still charge my account and ship the product.

How people like this can operate in this country is beyond me. They rip consumers off with impunity.

Order #

PaulRead More
4/7/2010 Ozitech Furi Knive Sharpener - I returned a sharpener set 3 weeks ago and have
I returned a sharpener set 3 weeks ago and have not been refunded my money. I spoke with a lady named Anna Lynn and my authorization # and it was written ALL OVER the original package I mailed back. I also sent it with a comfirmation order to know that YOU did recieve it. Please refund my money back to my card that was used in the purchase. Christian L. Carnevale.

ChrisRead More
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