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For more than 50 years, Pampers has been inspired by babies. Learn about how one man's idea for a disposable diaper changed the lives of babies around the world.

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1-800-726-7377Review and Hint Needed


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1/6/2016 Pampers Diapers - Pampers - Disappointed with the terrible quality
Used Pampers on both my children some years ago,so when my daughter was born decided to stick to the brand we know, to our disappointment terrible quality and I feel maybe due to mass production will never recommend to any parent as contact details to them are virtually impossible and quality is now far inferior to cheaper products.

SeanRead More
5/30/2015 Pampers Diapers - My newborn has developed a severe irritation on
My newborn has developed a severe irritation on her bottom nappy not absorbing poo

samRead More
10/15/2014 Pampers Diapers - I'm having an issue with the easy ups. They seem
I'm having an issue with the easy ups. They seem to be leaking since the most recent style change. My little girl just urinated and it went up her back she's laying down there was no urine in between her legs and the pamper isn't even full. I've had many other situations where we've had leaks. My baby also wears pampers I really don't understand what's happening and we may have to switch brands. Having two young kids in diapers it's important to not have leaks, leaks mean more laundry. I'm very disappointed I've been a loyal pamper customer for 3 years.

JillianRead More
8/11/2014 Pampers Diapers - I have a 14 month old baby girl and have used
I have a 14 month old baby girl and have used Pampers the whole time. I recently purchased a case of size 4 Dry Max Pampers and multiple diapers in the box have split and come apart. this has caused a chemical burn on my daughters bum and vagina. she is in excruciating pain and has huge blisters. it is heart breaking to see her in such discomfort. I am so very angry about this and tried to contact them however the website said they are working on it and I can not get ahold of them. Will be looking to take further action to help prevent any other little child from going through this!!

AshleyRead More
6/11/2014 Pampers Diapers - I want to Thank PAMPERS!!??I Love them !! I Love
I want to Thank PAMPERS!!??
I Love them !! I Love the Price.!
I Love the leak protection and quality. I love the softness and smell!
My daughter Kristina doesnt get diaper rash..Ever!
I would never use another brand on Her!
My Only complaint is that they Not Not come in PINK!
THANNKS Pampers!

Katie C.Read More
4/14/2014 Pampers Diapers - Opened one box of Pampers and the tabs dont stick at all
I have twin boys thats 10 months old and a 22 month old little girl. I recently brought 4 boxes of pampers baby dry . Opened one box and the taps dont stick at all. Out of 96 diapers. Im very disappointed because i always use pampers and no other brand. Since the place i purchased them from cant refund me i feel the company should reimburse me.

MonicaRead More
4/5/2014 Pampers Diapers - My wife and I have a dozen different jingles for
My wife and I have a dozen different jingles for pampers!! Please contact us if you are interested.

Joseph RaedelRead More
1/16/2014 Pampers Diapers are missing the foam gel - defective
i bought bundle of pampers at baby city stores in cape town but to my supprise the nappies had manufacture problesm with missing form for gel inside the nappy and u can feel some granules inside,im dissapointed because i have been using pampes since my boy was born neva experience any problems with the product and my boy is 18mnths now.the manager at baby city did contact pampers customer service and let me talked to u and guys promised to get back to me after taking my details but till now no one contacted me.please help me as im still holding on to the nappies and waiting for your call as promised. thank u in advance

veronicaRead More
11/13/2013 Pampers Diapers - pampers pull up pants are difficult to find
I am mother of a 2 and half baby boy,I am in a stage of potty training but my frustration is pampers pull up pants are difficult to find, and I am expecting my second baby does it mean that I need to change to another product as pampers is disappointing me. I travel far to get those pull ups, there is no baby city near my place.Need your help ASAP!!!!

MoloKo SeopelaRead More
10/4/2013 Pampers Diapers - Kindly have an extra size apart from the junior
Kindly have an extra size apart from the junior size,to accomodate kid who are of a higher wait.

kagwiriaRead More
10/1/2013 Pampers Diapers - I among everybody else am fustrated to with
I among everybody else am fustrated to with pampers.the regular ones are
Wonferful.last week I bougjt the nite time pampers and they are
Terrible .with the regular ones my baby would sleep through
The he wakes up every few hours wet as can be and not just the pamper
His clothes blanket even through the sheets.very diappointed.have used pampers since my baby was
Born he is now 15 months old and that box of nite time pampers was the
First problem I have ever had.please fix issue w. Pampers.

HeatherRead More
9/24/2013 Pampers Diapers - this is so wrong we paymy son is 15 months nd iz
this is so wrong we paymy son is 15 months nd iz on no 4 now,so unhappy with pampers diapers nd they leak nd gel everywhere i demand an apology for this so if somebody could get back to me
A.S.A.P 0736459410

dwinkyRead More
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