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3/24/2016 Every time I come to Panda Express, the terryaki
Every time I come to Panda Express, the terryaki chicken isn't prepared. For the third day in a row the woman behind the counter tells me it will be 10-12 mins to prepare this item. This is unacceptable. You should have this item available immediately just like everything else offered on your menu. My time for lunch is limited and you've now lost a loyal customer because of this continued nuisance. Pretty simple task, when you see that you're low on chicken, prepare more BEFORE you run out. Common fucking sense!!

JeffRead More
3/21/2015 Panda Express - Happy, but had dinner tonight and we were not
Happy, but had dinner tonight and we were not impressed. Even though we dine there once per month, we went to try the special Chinese ribs. Tender but totally different from the advertisements and the picture. We got little dried up ribs coated with sweet BBQ sauce, not the hot Chinese ribs advertised. Just compare the look, then the taste. Getting tired of everything with sweet sauce. Please stop this.
Then the Kung Pow chicken, all peanuts and red peppers, forgot the chicken. Just being honest
The Chow Mein was good, better if it had some meat of any kind, but still very good
Bejjine (bejine) beef was OK, but tough and chewy. seem as you added sugar to that to?

Just thought you would appreciate hearing honest information/comments about your menu. Will talk if you like. Thanks Randy and Anne

randyRead More
10/9/2013 Panda Express - I worked many year in Solana Beach San Diego Panda
I worked many year in Solana Beach San Diego Panda Express look at many things that are not common the manager was José Holguin had a relation with a cashier name Alicia they came out of work by hours leaving the work to the other when only returning they just fix their hours no one could say anything for fear of losing their jobs José Holguin moved the cameras of different places so that nobody could see what they doing I worked for 5 years and never received anything of bonus José Holguin said that never did a sale during 2 years who were once checking I and my colleagues and stand that was altering the sales of the past years to that way we can thing never did sales that had not also one of the manager lin or lean arrived by pressing and shouting to all workers no one reason I don’t know why nobody says anything maybe does not have legal documents for work and have fear to loss they jobs unfortunately all change thanks to the managers that cannot handle this type of redlines thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
It is good to know the opinions of the workers they depend on their PANDA EXPRESS restaurants

Juan C perezRead More
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