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7/14/2017 Panera Bread - I was inPaneras staten island, ny yesterday and
I was inPaneras staten island, ny yesterday and ordered a take 2--lobster salad and and cobb salad. The cobb salad had sand in the lettuce. I wersnt back for another caesar salad instead and it was drenched in salad dressing and was inedible. I gave up at that point. And the obster roll which I had previously had no tasste.

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2/15/2016 Panera Bread - Disappointed when I went to Panera in Springfield
Disappointed when I went to Panera in Springfield Mall. It had just opened for the day and when I looked an ask for guacamole the container was left over and guacamole was brown. I brought it to their attention and they brought out fresh and poured the brown old stuff in it and mixed it up and was serving it. I refused it. and told them why. The ignored me. That is a health issue.

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1/29/2016 Panera Bread - I have been trying to register My Panera card for
I have been trying to register My Panera card for weeks. And NOTHING HAPPENS111. The website is absolutely impossible to navigate. I lost my original card (which was serving me beautifuly), received a new one and have been trying to register the new one.

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1/23/2016 Panera Bread - I'll make this story short. I ordered a sandwhich
I'll make this story short. I ordered a sandwhich 'without' the dressing. I had to return it 3 times because the girl kept putting the dressing on. On the 3rd return, I mentioned this was my last try, because I had to go to work. The girl turns to an assistant manager and yells "OMG she wants this and that...." I did not appreciate the poor service and now the rudeness of this employee, as if I was the person wasting the food and my own time. The assistant manager said "she only works for $10.00 an hour, so don't blame her."
WOW! I could not believe the unprofessionalism, the waste of a customers time, and the rude blame-shifting of this management and employees. This man then lied and decided its time to blame the cashier for not sending correct instructions. (I have the receipt that shows the cashier DID state no dressing!) Also what about the 3 RETURNS? It was a major scene until a "real" manager came out and was helpful and professional and made my sandwhich for me, himself. This store has the worst customer service..... as this assistant has on other occassions we we there, loudly complained about the customers on every front. The store never has a clean table even though most are empty. Just very Dirty. I have more to tell but I said I'd make it short. This store is located on Deer Park Ave. in Babylon, N.Y. - a horrible place to eat.

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8/31/2015 Why can't I find the customer service contact for Panera Bread
1) why can't I find the customer service contact e-mail address on your website? Used to find it easily back in the day when I was always complimenting Panera, but now that things have gone downhill, maybe you don;t want to hear about the problems? The store I frequent is in Willowbrook, Il. 60527.
2) Breakfast food is still good, although, as someone else said, I would complain about being out of breakfast items at 9:00 AM.
3) The biggest problem is the service--when long-time employees were still there, everything was great. The new employees (been going on for a number of months), either aren't trained well enough, or just don;t care. Ask for a bagel sliced and toasted? You may get it sliced, but it's 50-50 on whether or not you get it toasted.
4) I have been going here since it opened, and have really noticed the drop in service/quality over the last 6-12 months. There's a Starbuck's about 100 feet away from the Panera--please don't make me go there.

Mario Read More
8/17/2015 Panera Bread was my favorite place, until Santa Maria, CA
Hi, It was my favorite place, until visited La Panera, in Santa Maria, CA. Smells dirty, looks disorganized, my favorite cookies were burn, the restroom was nasty,,,,,, the clerk was VERY NICE whit me. Sorry, I want to leave my comments. Thanks.

María Read More
7/26/2015 Panera Bread - horrible experience at Bayshore /SouthShore Mall.
horrible experience at Bayshore /SouthShore Mall. I was overcharged and when it was brought to the manager's attention she was rude and abrasive. I will never go back to this location. It was a disgrace and she Omey was in need of training. I have been a loyal customer for years so this rudeness surprised me.

Sue Read More
6/20/2015 Panera Bread - For the third time, customer service is a great
For the third time, customer service is a great disappointment at the store in Cleveland University Circle.

Cindy Read More
6/19/2015 Panera Bread - Stopped by Panera last week to get bagels for work
Stopped by Panera last week to get bagels for work (hospital employee) at the register was a young man with a nice size scrape with an open wound on his arm. I told him this needs to be covered right away and ask someone else to fill my order. while he worked with someone else blood began to drip down his arm. This was disgusting!!
I hate making a big deal out of it..BUT, I ask for the manager and was told "she stepped out". later I called and the manager was still not there. While speaking to the young girl on the phone I told her this man needed to be removed from any food area right away and should not be working without a bandage. She apologized and was quite nice. I meant to go back that day to check was to busy at work. The store was dirty even the cash registers. it's in a nice area, near a hospital and next door to a fitness center. I understand it gets busy but I was there first thing in the morning and the place was dirty!

brenda Read More
6/5/2015 Panera Bread - Friday is the only day of the week that New
Friday is the only day of the week that New England clam chowder is served in BAYSIDE NY- Anthony, the mgr, at 5:30 P.M., informed us that we would have to wait an hour for this soup & did not offer anything more than a substitute soup. How is this possible that a mgr. does not have soup ready for customers? The receipt says that a free treat will be offered but none was. I'm done. You're no better than any other fast food joint.

crazy Read More
8/31/2014 Panera Bread - Order error rate is 20-25% routinely. Store
Order error rate is 20-25% routinely. Store manager seems uninterested in fixing this. Why does Panera make it so hard to find a phone number to call HQ? Do you really care so little about customer service that I have to write you an email???? How do I get your attention? Food is decent, even good at times, but value is not there: prices are high, and too many orders have errors in them.

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8/26/2014 Panera Bread - Really this is negative stars for my local "Panera
Really this is negative stars for my local "Panera Breadless" I have wasted my time and gas going to
pick up bread when they are sold out before noon! Others have complained to the manager that
since the word "bread" is part of their name they shouldn't run out of it during business hours!

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