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1/28/2016 Paula Deen - I had purchased a Corrie 5 drawer dressing table
I had purchased a Corrie 5 drawer dressing table and whenI went to move it over to clean behind on hard wood floor the back right leg came off cannot believe that the legs are attached like this for the money I paid for this the leg screw is stripped what a piece of garbage I am so upset now what do I do

Kathy Read More
12/14/2015 Paula Deen - can someone send me phone number, to check status
can someone send me phone number, to check status of order placed yesterday

Roy Brown Read More
8/18/2015 On June 2014, I bought a Paula Deen sofa
On June 2014, I bought a sofa from Elder Beerman, the Paula Deen line. It is a beautifully styled sofa made by Craftmaster. Craftmaster has always done well by me and held up well. That being said, I had no issue paying more for the Paula Deen styling and line. Within 6 months, however, the fabric "pilled" to the point of embarrassment. I don't have pets or kids. Truly its just my husband and I sitting on it, so the wear is minimal. I can't understand a sofa fabric that can't stand up to six months minimal wear. I decided that I had learned my lesson. An expense doesn't equal quality. I bought a Surefit slipcover and that has been my sofa's fate for 6 months now. Today, I pulled that slipcover to wash it and was infuriated all over again when I saw that awful "Ceviche" fabric. Yes, the sofa, structurally, has held up like a dream, but who cares when its covering is an eyesore....and you are still selling that fabric. Shame on you. ANYONE reading this review....avoids the "Ceviche" fabric that comes on the sofa sold in the ElderBeerman store. As for the rest of the Paula Deen fabrics, I imagine you'll take the same risk I did with "Ceviche" fabric.

Deborah Read More
7/26/2015 Paula Deen - I just wrote and told you I had the "pilling" sofa
I just wrote and told you I had the "pilling" sofa for two years. I was wrong, I just looked at the receipt, and truth is, it was bought in June 2014. That is a total disgrace that 6 mos into ownership that it is pilled to the point of slipcovering it and it that expensive. Shame on you, Paula Deen.

Deborah Sparks Read More
7/26/2015 Paula Deen - Paula, I love you and respect your taste. You,
Paula, I love you and respect your taste. You, without a doubt have some of the most beautiful furniture Ive ever seen. With that in mind, I saved up and bought one of the sofas from your line of furniture. Style wise and structurally, it is still in good shape (as I have had it a couple of years now.....BUT, within 6 months of purchase, literally, the fabric on it had pilled to the point of being an embarrassment. I figured that I had just learned my lesson, that expensive doesnt mean quality, swallowed my losses and bought a beautiful Surefit, T-cushion slipcover and decided to live with it. I wont lie though, everytime I pull that slipcover to wash it and see that "pilled up" mess of a fabric and realize what I paid for it, it just sets my teeth on edge. So today I pulled the slipcover and couldnt be quiet anymore. I decided to write and give you a piece of my mind. I dont own pets, no kids, just my husband and I. No unusual wear (matter fact, to the contrary, very little wear). There is NO excuse for such cheap fabric being placed on what is actually a stylish, structurally sound piece of furniture. I am completely disappointed in the corner you cut at my expense Paula. You really need to check out your product better before putting your name on it. I checked the web, and its still being sold thru Craftmaster. So disappointed and angry with you. Others out there, the fabric is called "Ceviche". DO NOT BUY. As for the rest of her fabrics, I cant speak.

Deborah Sparks Read More
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