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8/9/2016 PC Richards - I am not happy at all about the service at pc
I am not happy at all about the service at pc Richard.I RECOMENT NO ONE TO BUY AT PC RICHARD.THE SERVICE IS DISCUSTING.

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8/26/2015 PC Richards - I had to replace a 2 yr old washing machine
I had to replace a 2 yr old washing machine because they did not want to repair it, I purchased a fridge at pc Richards the mgr from the store charged me 20.69 for the washing machine.he said it was the tax. I ask him to work with me on the price of a fridge he would not do anything for me.rcv. washer. rcv fridge the delivery guys dirtied the walls, broke my magnetize curtain rod, took chunks of sheet rock out of the wall while brining fridge down stairs. 17 phone calls later, customer service told me to file a claim on my homeowners ins. the kick plate was missing off the new fridge, it was dented. I could have gone to the deerpark store and got a scratch and dent for 1/3 the price. I also ask the mgr about an extra piece of plastic that was in the fridge and he said it was nothing. well that nothing was a shelf. he has been with pc Richards for 1 3 yrs he needs to go back for training.after going back and forth I am still not satisfied. they offered me a 75$ credit to just shutup and go away because I said I was going to call the district manager. then they wanted to talk to me.the mgr of the Elmont store said he would roll out the red carpet for me. He can stick his red carpet. will NEVER !!!! purchase another product from them for treating me this way.

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8/14/2014 PC Richards - My 10 month old Electrolux induction stove stopped
My 10 month old Electrolux induction stove stopped working last Friday. I called and received an appointment for today 8/14/2014. I asked if I could have an afternoon appointment so I could work a half a day. I was told that I would would receive a call the morning of the appointment between 7 and 9 with a time for the service call. They called as stated and said someone would come between 11:30 and 2:30. No one showed. I called and was told that someone would be here in a half hour. It's three 23 pm and he just arrived. I purchased a ten year extended warranty on this stove. I certainly hope this is not the kind of customer service I can expect,

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