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5/22/2017 Pearle Vision - I would like to commend the very courteous and
I would like to commend the very courteous and professional service I received earlier today (May 22) at the store located in the Palmer Park Mall in Easton, PA. The young man who waited on me, Brennan, was extremely helpful and friendly. Several years ago, a change in my insurance prompted me to go to another vision company, and my recent experience with the Easton store only reminds me how superior the service I get at Pearle Vision has always proven to be.

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11/29/2016 Pearle Vision - i purchased glasses from Pearl a while back and I
i purchased glasses from Pearl a while back and I have had nothing but trouble with my bifocal not assisting with my reading. I have been taking off my glasses to read. I stopped into to discuss this issue several times and have been told nothing was wrong with them. I went to my eye doctor to get an update on my prescription and again went back to Pearl and discussed the glasses with them and was told there was nothing wrong with the prescription and could not understand why I was unable to read with the bifocals.

Being frustrated I went to America's Best to look at their glasses. Yesterday when I picked up my glasses from them, to the cost of $163.00 for the cheapest pair I could get, the repre. there asked to see my old glasses
After marking the bifocal portion of my glasses and looking at where it sat on my eyes, she did a simple adjustment on my glasses and my vision is perfect now using my glasses for reading and distance.

I cannot believe that your company could not have found this simple solution and that because of the lack of concern for my issue, I have been forced to purchase other glasses which were really a waste of money.

I am very disappointed in this and have had issues from day one with these glasses and would NEVER recommend your company as a good option for glasses. Not only did I get bad service I spent a lot of money to get your glasses.

I would like to know if I have any options regarding your company assisting me with the purchase of my new glasses or what you are willing to do on my behalf.

Barb Joynson Read More
7/5/2016 Pearle Vision - Nasty salesgirl at the Pearl Vision in Whyomissing
Nasty salesgirl at the Pearl Vision in Whyomissing Pa . I stopped in to have my glasses repaired i was told the warranty had expired the previous month. I then asked if I could just order a new pair this is when the salesgirl told me I would need a doctor's prescription as they do not and never have read the prescription from the lenses. Funny thing that is how I got the glasses I was wearing. She then decided to tell me it was for my own good! Nasty and I will not be back these people are so rude who needs it!

Judy Read More
6/1/2016 Pearle Vision - Store in tyngsboro mass. charging 289 dollars PER
Store in tyngsboro mass. charging 289 dollars PER LENS.......what an absolute RIPOFF. 700.00 to fix broken frame and then replace lenses...............of course the they tell you they are giving you a 30% discount. Still 450:00 bucks for lenses and frame repair.....i was stuck really like the frames not many other places carry them so I paid....I will never go there again and i have been telling as many people as i can about what a ripoff they are.

Robin Dwyer Read More
3/19/2016 Pearle Vision - the company rating I have the store located 1016
the company rating I have the store located 1016 W.Poplar Ave. #112 in Collierville, Tenn. 38017 is a minus zero. I took 2 pair of Oaley frames to them on 2-12-2016 for them to put my prescription in and was told they would be ready in one week, that turned out to be a lie, and when I finally got my shades one of the lenses was out the frame and then they messed up my frame and I spoke to the manager about a refund and my frame back and was told I couldn't get paid for my frame the messed up, she was suppose to speak to the owner on 3-14-2016 and mail my property to me and on 3-18-2016 I still hadn,t received them and I spoke to her on 3-18 now she says the lady that owns the place was out all week and she will speak to 3-21-2016, and I also filed A COMPLAINT ON 3-12-2016 and have heard nothing on that, and will never do business with pearle again and will not recommend. I made a mistake spelling my frames brand, it is Oakley. Bad Business

maxine Read More
3/15/2016 Pearle Vision - Your store in Ann Arbor (Briarwood) does not really give a hoot about their clients
Your store in Ann Arbor (Briarwood) does not really give a hoot about their clients. I have emailed twice, am out of the country, have only one eye and my frames (for glasses bought April 10 2015) broke and cannot be fixed...
I need to have my prescription scanned and emailed to me so I can try and get an emergency pair . I cannot see much this is typed by someone else.
Last year, when my husband and I went to purchase these glasses, we noticed that the service was minimal (particularly the truly nasty young man at the cashier's office) but thought it was a bad day.... Not so, it seems that it is a pattern, Would appreciate receiving copy of my prescription ASAP Thank you

Evelyne Lundberg Read More
1/4/2016 Customer service at the Mesa Pearle Vision is the worst I have ever seen
The customer service at the Mesa Pearle Vision is the worst I have ever seen. I understand Pearle is Nationwide, but this service needs to be looked at. I will be calling my companies Human Resource department tomorrow to ask them if we can choose another company for our employees. Today I went into the Mesa office with my daughter and TWO GRANDKIDS, We all had appointments with a confirmation, The receptionist told us it didn't matter we did not have an appointment and there was nothing
that could be done about it. She was so nasty and rude about it, another customer came out into the parking lot and apologized and said no one should be spoken to in that tone of voice. I asked for a corporate number or manager's number she replied, we are a franchise, so they can't help you. I asked to speak with a manger she said he wouldn't be in until tomorrow. I called the office when I got into my car, she answered the telephone and said, didn't you just leave here. Really Pearle, is this the service all customers get?

Ora Read More
10/2/2015 I have been going to Pearle Vision Center in my
I have been going to Pearle Vision Center in my home town for approx. 15 years or so. The one here has changed hands so many times, and not professional as once was. I broke my glasses (which I purchased there), went to Pearle to show them and to order replacements. They were so un interested in helping me, and said they would order me some....Well the girl that waited on me wrote my number on a sticky note that had been wet with water that she had spilled and was trying to clean up. I called this week to check on my frames and he couldn't find my order. I did get upset, and he said it appeared to be on back order, and it looked as though they would be in the middle of this week. it is Friday, 3 weeks later, No Call, and No Frames. I am so sick of dealing with them, and they have lost my business, and anyone else I can discourage going there, I will!!!!!!

Lynn Read More
6/10/2015 Pearle Vision - Because my husband's glasses were lost during an
Because my husband's glasses were lost during an extended hospital stay and he needs a new pair pretty much immediately, I called the local Pearle Vision store - only to be told that that particular store does not do the "we come to you" promised in the Pearle Vision ads and does not know who does. I got the customer service line number from the store manager who thought maybe another nearby store would provide that service. i called the customer service number only to be told that "we don't actually do that" when i asked for a local store that would be able to do off-site exams. When i asked why, then, do your ads clearly say you do, the response I got was "well, we've asked them not to run those ads" which is neither a satisfactory response or a solutiion to my immediate problem. Since my husband is not physically able to GO to an office for an eye exam or to be fitted for glasses at this time as he is currently in a nursing home for physical rehab services, this was disappointing to say the least. If you do not provide the service the ads say you do, stop running the ads -- OR ACTUALLY PROVIDE THE SERVICE!!!!

Dee Read More
3/10/2015 Pearle Vision - Ordered glasses to use while in the hospital for
Ordered glasses to use while in the hospital for surgery. Never received them, and they refused to refund my money. Went two weeks blind. Cant even get another pair because I am broke Pearl charged me 250 over what my plan covered, so I cant even use it to buy some glasses. They are crooks.

Mary Read More
2/16/2015 Pearle Vision - The Arlington, Texas Pearlevision by the Parks
The Arlington, Texas Pearlevision by the Parks Mall is the worse. The store manager, Anthony Perez is never there, The staff lies and covers for him daily. I paid $449 for my frames and lenses on 1/27 and was promised my frames by 2/3. I called on 2/5 and oh, the guy said I was supposed to call you and tell you something happened to the lenses. They won't be ready until next week sometime. I continued to call every day and ask for the manager. He was either not in or call back in the morning. I called back and left messages for 20 days. No call back. I went to twitter and no response. Haley is the worse. She is rude and disrespectful. They finally came in on 2/13. Simple things like call my cell phone not home phone. I gave it to the guy and he still called my home. How dumb can staff be? I emailed the owner, twice, no email response. I have emailed the national website. My next step is on yelp, yahoo, and to call my local tv station. this store needs to be shut down. I can't see out my glasses, Haley refused to adjust them and my neck hurts. They messed up the lenses. Unprofessional rude, and Haley hung up on me today.

Andrea Read More
12/30/2014 Pearle Vision - I took my glasses into the Royal Oak, Michigan
I took my glasses into the Royal Oak, Michigan store for warranty work after the arms literally feel off after less then three months. They told me that their not covered because I intentionally broke them. Really? Who intentionally breaks their glasses that need really bad. The glasses were obviously not like that. Staff rude, management horrible and worse. I am now out of glasses until next year.

Sally Read More
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