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PECO serves 1.6 million electric and 491,000 natural gas customers in southeastern Pennsylvania.

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1-800-494-4000 Press 0# at each prompt.


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9/26/2016 PECO Energy - Would appreciate adjusting our bills so as to
Would appreciate adjusting our bills so as to reflect the many power outage in our area. Thank you.

Dick Read More
6/7/2016 PECO Energy - everyday I get a phone call from a representative
everyday I get a phone call from a representative of peco, I Inform them that my electricity is included in my rent and I live in an apartment. I tell them I'm not interested but they continue to call. how can I get them to stop calling me. how many times do I have to say that I'm not interested. you people need to do something about this.

sharon Read More
6/24/2015 Cannot even get through to PECO Energy
Cannot even get through. A recorded song is on then it sounds like someone is picking up then it cuts off. What kind of service is this? The electricity has been off for 3 hours...

JR Read More
8/9/2014 PECO Energy - They changed my meters & my water heater & printer
They changed my meters & my water heater & printer burnt out. I asked for their payment plan to catch up on my bill, but they don't have any for a hanicapped white male !!

Crockett Read More
7/16/2014 PECO Energy - OMG, I am seeking electric service and reading
OMG, I am seeking electric service and reading these comments are not too settling. I have a three year old and a god daughter and her brother that stays with me from time to time. I do not have time for PECO to do me dirty. I am on to the next. The dilemma is that many other electric companies use PECO as their provider so no matter what they will be involved. Now my question is, is it better to have third party coverage or just deal with PECO directly?

Dee Read More
5/15/2014 PECO Energy - Peco has always been good to me. My phone number
Peco has always been good to me. My phone number and address are not published along with my name.

Linda Read More
2/17/2014 I needed to have PECO Energy service transferred into my name
I needed to have service transferred into my name. But because of a storm the transfer never happened. PECO shut down all customer service for a week and would only receive emergency calls, leaving me without power and gas in below freezing temperatures for a week. When I'd call and explain that this was an emergency, I was instructed to call the customer service line that was closed, because operators could only assist with emergencies related to the storm. I had to beg someone to help me and even then the operator explained that I had to wait another 24-72 hours for power (after being without it for a week) I pleaded for the woman, because there was another major storm coming. I was practically in tears from frustration. She did help, which I discovered from regular calls is a rarity. I've been without gas for two weeks now, because when the tech came during the 7am-7pm window I was given, he told me he couldn't turn the gas on, because he needed to check if everything was off in a unit that I didn't have access to and that had been unused (and therefore everything was off) for a month. I tried rescheduling immediately (after having checked in with my landlord about the unit) and was told that I'd have to spend another full workday waiting for a tech or wait until the end of the week for an "appointment," which only means that I will be able to say some between 7-12pm or 12-5pm. I just want a hot shower and heat. This experience has been miserable. PECO customer service is terrible.

S.B. Read More
12/6/2013 PECO Energy - Residential utility customer with PECO you can file a complaint
If you're a residential utility customer with PECO Energy and if you've already tried to address your problem with PECO but disagree, you can file an informal complaint with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission Bureau of Consumer Services by calling 1-800-692-7380 or online at

BBJB Read More
9/5/2013 PECO Energy - Paid Peco $900 only to have them shut off my electric power
I am very upset after a $900.00 payment to keep my electric on what does peco do but shut my power off the following day!! I was told by Peco the 900 would keep my service on!! And I came up with the money!! My father has Alzheimers disease and an anureysm so I had medical excuses to keep the electric on!!! So A peco supervisor said to me well whos fault is that!! After I explained that I paid the bill already and they still cut me off I also told him about my fathers condition he said not his problem and he didn't care he said big deal just take him out of the house!! I hung up on him he was extremely arrogant and ignorant!!!! I called back and talked to somebody else and they told me they don't know why they shut me off because there wasn't even an order for my service to be terminated!!! And even though they admit fault they are still making me wait up to 72 hours!! They sure didn't offer to pay for a hotel room and if something like a fall happens to my father I will be bringing a lawsuit against them!!! Time to start shopping around for another energy carrier!!! No excuse for the way that supervisor and Peco handled this!!!

Tiffany Read More
8/21/2013 PECO Energy - Why do we have to wait 72 hours before Peco will turn back on the electricity?
Why do we have to wait 72 hours for the electric to come back on if it was a cable bill or any other they would turn it back on a.s.a.p smh the lady also said it may not be long yea OK what ever but yea turn it off in a heart beat but got to wait until some one comes out don't even know when lord help us 72 is 3 days to long

e.london23 Read More
4/9/2013 PECO Energy - PECO shut off our power (at our business) because
PECO shut off our power (at our business) because instead of crediting our account for $3,7000 (which the check we sent clearly states) they credited it for only $37. They refused to come back and turn our electricity back on even though they knew it was their fault. We lost over a night and days worth of sales. As most of the businesses in our area, we are struggling and losing those sales really hurt us financially.

When we filed a claim, they refused to help us trying to shift the blame on us.

I am switching electricity providers. PECO will never have my business ever again.

Lily Read More
10/25/2012 PECO Energy - Peco has a deposit of mine that they are holding
Peco has a deposit of mine that they are holding for $640.00 - why did they just shut me off for $96.09? Now I have to pay a restoration fee of $75 plus the $96.09???? What kinda of mess is this?

Fed-up Read More
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