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12/13/2016 I just placed an order with Personal Creations. I
I just placed an order with Personal Creations. I had an amazing person help me. Kiri Duran worked out a problem I had and solved it and then volunteered to take my new order. She was so efficient, patient, and friendly. I will place more orders with this company because of the outstanding service I received from Kiri!!

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12/22/2015 impressed with the quality of Personal Creations merchandise
I have ordered several items from your company in the past and have always been impressed with the quality of your merchandise. I recently ordered a "Year To Remember" framed print for my husband as a Christmas present. I wasn't surprised when I was told that it would be after Christmas when I received it due to the personalization, 1-8-2016 to be exact. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! I just received it, ahead of schedule, in time for Christmas, and as usual, the quality of this item is more than I expected. Thank you so much! I'm only one person, but you have a customer for the rest of my natural life!

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6/27/2015 Personal Creations - I have ordered many things from your book
I have ordered many things from your book, I just placed an order and did not get a confirmation and am upset because I gave you my credit card. You can check and see how much I have ordered . Janet it was . I usually order from the book but don't have one, please let me know you got this order.

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11/24/2014 I just ordered 2 items from personal creations and
I just ordered 2 items from personal creations and when I tried to apply a discount I could not get the 40% discount when using the word "Kind", as advertised on the Hallmark channel. I called the customer service and the person handling my account was very helpful but she also could not apply the discount. I was on the phone with that person over 45 minutes and still to no avail was she able to process the 40% discount. I am writing to customer service to voice my complaint. If you do not honor a discount it should not be advertised. I did purchase 2 items but I had other items that I would of purchased if I could of had the advertised discount. I am a first time customer but I do not know if I will return. I would appreciate some feedback on this issue.
Thank You
A Very Disappointed Customer

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