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1-888-824-7257Dont press or say anything.


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6/28/2015 PETCO - Excellent customer service! Friendly,
Excellent customer service! Friendly, knowledgeable staff. I am new to the area but will be a regular customer!

CrystalRead More
4/6/2015 PETCO - Ordered a hood on the 3- 19-15 on-line they didn't
Ordered a hood on the 3- 19-15 on-line they didn't get my email rite so I didn't get my tracking number the next day so I called back and the lady says UPS didn't pick my order up so she reorder it get email corrected get tracking number next day she also said she would waive the shipping which she did but she took my discount away so after two weeks I still am paying same price and it was gonna be sent 2day air well the three days go by no delivery I call back order has been shipped but they couldn't do 2day air so she tells me since this has been so frustrating that she will put $20.00 back on my card so I am like one 3weeks to get my hood they gonna put money back on card for wait well I got hood really nice but no money on card so it was one lie after another very bad customer service

darrellRead More
2/14/2012 PETCO - Store in Parsippany, NJ is very bad about returns.
Store in Parsippany, NJ is very bad about returns. Salespeople tell you returns ok with receipt for original credit or ok for store credit without after 30 days. When I actually tried to return with receipt, they do not want to take back. They always find something wrong or past 30 days. Also, that it was bought at another Petco.
Store in East Hanover is great about returns, but far from me,

vRead More
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