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10/4/2016 I was given a Philips Sonicare at my dentist
I was given a Philips Sonicare at my dentist office by the dentist. It is marked NOT FOR RESALE.
This week I received a bill for $175.00 for the set and the very same model is on GROUPON for $49.
Are dentist allowed to sell products that I assume were given to them as samples? Anyone have an answer?

Mary Lou Read More
7/5/2016 Philips Sonicare - Purchased the Diamond Clean Sonic Care. Had
Purchased the Diamond Clean Sonic Care. Had registered for the extended warranty which lasted till June 4th, 2016. Our model died on July 4th 2016 as the unit would not hold a charge. Spoke with Blanca in customer service. She was great. Awaiting the replacement head and will be returning the current head back to the company. After reading some of the other customer reviews regarding this model was hesitant to call. This is a blessing. We were fortunate enough to have one of our older models and are using it in the interim.

Diane Read More
5/31/2016 Philips Sonicare - I purchased a sonic care in September 2015. There
I purchased a sonic care in September 2015. There was a $40 mail-in rebate offer going on. I immediately sent my paperwork to their address. I checked my status in January 2016 online through their customer service executive only to be told after 20 minutes to call their representative over telephone. Subsequent events are as below:
1. February 2016 - Called them only to be told to call later as facing some technical issues. This was after a wait of 15 minutes.
2. February 2016 and March 2016 - Tried multiple times only to be put on hold as all their reps were busy,
3. March 2016 - Spoke to a representative only to told that Philips had messed up and my rebate was not processed. The representative assured me that the error was rectified and I should get my rebate in 6-8 weeks.
4. May 2016 (after 7 weeks 2 days of speaking in March) - Spoke to a representative who was rude enough to argue on why the heck was I calling as the 8 weeks have not passed (From my end it was almost 30 weeks after submitting the paperwork).
5. May 2016 (after 9 weeks of speaking in March): Spoke to a representative who apologized and told me that he had no idea about my claim.
In all these calls, I had to waste about 20 minutes of my time every time.
I asked them the email address multiple times to lodge a formal complaint but seems they have none. They gave me P.O.Box number to send a postal letter in this digital age.

These events really make me feel that Philips is doing a mail-in rebate scam to increase their sales and never to provide the rebate. $40 false promise to 100,000 users leads to $4,000,000 profits which is in itself a huge amount.

I feel so sorry to have trusted Philips and bought their product. This is probably the last time I have ever brought Philips. My experience also led to some of my friends to move to other brands. Thank you Philips for the wonderful customer service which was worthless. You can even do away with it and make more profits.

You don't deserve even a single star but I guess I have to give you one if I am placing my grievance.

R Jain Read More
11/17/2015 Philips Sonicare - I purchased an air floss pro which stopped working
I purchased an air floss pro which stopped working in less than 30 days. I called customer support and they sent out a replacement which also stopped working in less than 30 days. Again, I received a replacement. Fast forward 6 months and I am now on replacement number 4 which has also stopped working. This one did last the longest which was 5 weeks. I have had 5 of these things over an 8 month period. The only reason that I'm giving 3 stars is for the customer service; they promptly replaced the product each time I called. If you are thinking of purchasing one, save your money. I'm going to see if I can get a refund of my purchase price.

Karin Read More
11/10/2015 Philips Sonicare - You expect a customer to keep a receipt for over 8
You expect a customer to keep a receipt for over 8 months on every purchase. You supply an international phone reach your company This is not a good way to build a business and keep customers. I will certainly compare notes with my dental office and let them know how bad the service with your company has been.

Tony Read More
9/18/2015 Philips Sonicare - Have used sonicare tooth brushes for over 20 yrs
Have used sonicare tooth brushes for over 20 yrs had had excellent service. Will buy again. Have needed customer services and treated quite well! Thanks

dete Read More
9/4/2015 Philips Sonicare - I have a sonicare toothbrush that I received as a gift
I have a Sonicare toothbrush that I received as a gift a few years ago. It still works, but the housing is worn out. Is there any coverage under warranty to cover this? Thanks

dbredeson77 Read More
7/28/2015 Philips Sonicare - I received the Phillips sonic are air floss
I received the Phillips sonic are air floss device. I like it very much but it will not work after just a short time. Where can I get it repaired or replaced? Thank you

Jeanne Read More
7/22/2015 Older version Philips Sonicare is not working
I have a never used old version Philips Sonicare Tooth brush, that was given to me in The NY Greater Dental meeting. Ref. NiCd -0243- HX7800. I saved it for an emergency. But after I plugged in for 8 hours, the base only got warm, but the tooth brush didn't work. Is there any way that I can have it tested or repair ?. I feel terrible if I have to discard it, because I would love to have an electric tooth brush.

Aura Nelia Read More
3/24/2015 Philips Sonicare - We bought this product from Costco (over $100+)
We bought this product from Costco (over $100+) right before Christmas - it's a tooth brush and does the job, no complaints. My 2 year old daughter snuck the tooth brush out of our bathroom and I'm assuming she dropped it. It no longer works so I called customer service thinking they might be able to give me a deal on just the tooth brush handle as we have the heads and charger --- no luck : ( they said the warranty is void if it is dropped... totally understandable as it was our fault but I was just asking for a discount on the handle so I don't have to buy the entire system again! Feeling bummed that they are not understandable in this situation, sadly I have to find another handle as we have the big Costco pack of replacement heads to use up.

FYI - just got an email for 15% off but I would still have to pay $6 for shipping

Ashley Read More
10/18/2014 Philips Sonicare - I bought a Sonicare Airfloss as a gift. The
I bought a Sonicare Airfloss as a gift. The recipient said it was no good. I tried it myself and guess what. He was right. It stinks. I returned it to Sonicare with a carbon copy to the president. The package was returned with the comment "cannot be delivered". I want my money back. Your product is inferior and your advertising is false. I will be happy to return this product again; just give me the correct address for mailing!!!

gilda Read More
8/26/2014 Philips Sonicare - With all the positive crap and sunshine thats
With all the positive crap and sunshine thats being blasted up our bee hinds, I'm sure you will never get to read my comment. But on the off chance it misses the censors, DO NOT BUY this cheaply made POS.

I've bought sonicare toothbrushes for years (they used to last 6+ years) but recently I bought one, and in less than a year it broke. I called them and it was still under warranty. Well, guess what? The new one they sent me broke also - in just under a year ( btw, I'm not mistreating it in anyway). So I called Phillips again. I was told that my warranty had expired. And I could tell by the tone in the mans voice he could care less.

This company will NEVER get the chance to sell an inferior piece of crap to me EVER AGAIN! Not just Phillips Toothbrushes - but NONE OF THEIR PRODUCTS! They DO NOT STAND BEHIND THEM and THEY KNOW THEIR PRODUCTS ARE MADE TO BREAK!!

BUYER BEWARE!!!! D O N O T B U Y ! ! !

Ross Read More
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