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3/21/2011 Pier 1 - Thanks for the input........for some reason, I
Thanks for the input........for some reason, I only applied for Pier 1's credit card b/c of being told about "cool" reward certificates. My credit is perfect, however, when you apply for a credit card, ...your credit is pulled & this adds negative points to your credit report. When I applied in the store, I was Shocked that I was not "instantly" approved & was told that I ~~~might be, that I'd just have to wait & see in the mail!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wouldn't have even done it if I even remotely thought that I'd be "denied". Now, Yay......I get to WAIT to see if they "like" me or not! If it is accepted, I'm going to CLOSE IT Immediately, especially after reading about Chase......Credit card companies are EVIL, I should have known better!.........ugh!

BenjiRead More
3/20/2011 Pier 1 - Yes. Chase Credit (Pier1) is not customer friendly
Yes. Chase Credit (Pier1) is not customer friendly nor do they comply with federal laws. We closed the account because of outrageous interest and fees. Although we've closed the account several times, Chase continues to charge monthly interest on a $0.00 balance. This will be the fourth time we've called them to remove the fees and close the account.
I've filed a complaint with http://dc-easternpa.bbb.org/. Not sure what good it will do.

SteveRead More
1/17/2011 Pier 1 - On Saturday Jan. 15, 2011 I wanted to use my Pier
On Saturday Jan. 15, 2011 I wanted to use my Pier 1 credit card to charge $27.55 worth of merchandise. It was refused. The clerk told me to go home and call customer service. Big Mistake!!! She was rude and sarcastic. My credit card was refused because of 14.00 that was overdue...it had been paid. Now it is being refused because of $1.00. YES, I said ONE DOLLAR. Your rep was not willing to help correct this error..just said "company policy" My credit card balances have always been paid on time, electronically, through my Smith Barney account. Obviously an electronic error occured...I probably hit the wrong key in paying. The second rep I talked with to close my account with Pier 1 was even worse. You have lost a loyal customer!!! Your customer service dept. needs a lot of work (customer service means just that..service to the customer) All because someone was not willing to help correct a $1.00 error!!! I have closed the account, will tell everyone of my experience with this company, and will never shop at Pier 1 again.

SandraRead More
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