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6/28/2016 Pink - Very upset with service at Summerlin Las Vegas. I
Very upset with service at Summerlin Las Vegas. I took my Granddaughter shopping for a bra and underwear. The first girls gave her bras to try on and then she checked on her and said she was going to bring her another size to try on. she left my granddaughter in the fitting room and never came back with the new size bra. She started to wait on other customers instead. Then another lady came and asked if she could help. I told this lady what happened and she went and got the bra for my granddaughter. After we found the right fit for her in the bra. She took over my granddaughter showing her the most expensive bras and panties. I found out later she was the store manager. She was very rude to me and would not speak to me or answer any of my questions it was as if I wasn't even there. I found this to be very disrespectful since I'm the one paying for the bras and underwear and I wanted to make sure they were right for her, because she's only 15. She just kept handing my granddaughter bras and underwear and telling her this is what she needs. You don't take advantage of a 15yr old girl like that and she clearly didn't have her best interest in mind, because of that treatment. I bought one bra and underwear and I will never go back there again. I will take her somewhere else from now on.

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12/3/2015 Pink store in Miami, FL, International Mall - Horrible Service!
I was recently at a store Miami, FL, International Mall, and the service was horrible especially the Sales Associate assisting me was super Unprofessional, seemed more distracted in other thing and interested in attending me the customer in front of her. The Sales Associate name was Zaida or Sayda, she was very Rude, unwilling to assist and on top of that seemed very uninterested in being there. This was for the weekend that if around the start of the big sales so I was very surprised that such a large company employs sales associates that seem uninterested to help and to be courteous, and at least a bit professional. This Sales Associate was terrible. I am from another county, in Florida a Victoria Secret and Pink shopper for a very long time, but I will not return to this store thanks to this treatment. I was actually surprised that Pink even deals with having employees like this at their store in the beginning of Holiday Season who treat you so RUDE, are supposed to represent this large company

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