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1/9/2012 Pioneer Electronics - I have a xm gex-p920xm and it constantly sends
I have a xm gex-p920xm and it constantly sends messages asking if I would like to change the xm radio channel, I've tried all the reset buttons I can find it's connected to a pioneer avid-d3.

RalphRead More
11/14/2011 Pioneer Electronics - good day, I have read up very vaguely on my rights
good day,

I have read up very vaguely on my rights as a consumer.
we bought a Pioneer Hi-Fi system from Furniture city contract was signed on the 5 November 2011.

3) Goods do not meet particular purpose.
In terms of s55(3) (read with s20) of the CPA, if a consumer informs a supplier that the goods are being bought to fufill a particular purpose, and the suppliers advises that the goods will meet this particular purpose then:
10 days after receiving the goods
the consumer can return the goods if it is not suitable for the particular purpose
the consumer can cancel without penalty, and
the supplier is liable for the costs of returning the goods

It is important to note that despite the above, the consumer is not entitled to return goods for any of the above reasons (1)-(3) if:
for reasons of public health or public regulation prohibits the return of those goods to a supplier once they have been supplied to a consumer, or
after having been supplied to a consumer, the goods have been partially or entirely disassembled, altered, added or combined with other goods or property.

when we bought the hi-fi system, the hi-fi has 6 speakers... so we got home and connected everything and then discovered that the 2 top speakers do not work....
we were then told that these are passive radiators(ie dummy speakers)... and not speakers, but this is not what we bought and most importantly, this was never told to us, sy the salesman who is saying that the representative of Pioneer, never informed them... when we went to look at the hi-fi, we bought a hi-fi with 6(supposed to be working) speakers...

My sales representative at furniture city was Victor... this matter then got given over to Elizna...
she has now handed the situation to Jannie the "representative" of Pioneer.
i am very unhappy as we went to funiturecity last week monday(7 th November) with a faulty amplifier.
Tuesday(8th November) we call on them to discuss the speakers, other then that my husband (Willem Vermeulen) was at the store 3 times and each time got told that they would call him back, as they are still trying to get an explanation from the Rep(Jannie). on wednesday we got a "curtosy" call where my husband express his dissatisfaction with the hi-fi system. where they said once again they would call us back in 5min, four days later, being Sunday 13 November 2011 we went to the store as NO ONE had returned our call. where we were told that they will call us before 10 monday morning as there is nothing they can do because of it being Sunday.

apart from the hi-fi system we also bought a KIC chest freezer, we got the freezer on the Sunday 6 November allowed it to stand for 3days - although it only advises us to allow to stand for 12 hour i then went to buy meat to be frozen. on Saturday, when i wanted to use the meat i discovered that it was all defrosed and was now spoilt...

we discussed this with them on the Sunday 13 November to tell them what had happened...
when they did eventually call us on monday, they only enquired about the freezer and never mentioned the hi-fi, i then told them that i want a full refund for the freezer as well as the hi-fi where they answered that they will call me back...

From what i can see in the above, i am well within my rights to request a full refund as this is not what we bought...

the second part that i read was that if the goods are faulty we can return it within a 6 month period. (please see below)

In terms of s56 (read with s55) of the CPA, all goods sold to a consumer are sold with an implied warranty of quality, that cannot be contracted out of or revoked. The warranty gives the consumer the right to receive goods that:
are reasonably suitable for the purpose that they are intended to be used for,
are of good quality, free of defects and in good working order, and
will be durable and usable for a reasonable period of time.
If goods are found not to comply with these requirements then;
up to 6 months after receiving the goods;
the consumer can return the goods, or
get the goods replaced, or
get the goods repaired.
The consumer can do any of these things without penalty; and
at the suppliers cost.

looking forward to your response.


MoniqueRead More
10/25/2011 Pioneer Electronics - I too have the same experience...have a VSX-920
I too have the same experience...have a VSX-920 receiver (under 1 year old, still under warranty), sent to a "Authorized" service center, they replaced the HDMI board twice (the first and second parts were no good). Told Pioneer it wasn't serviceable. That was 1 month, Pioneer decided to replace my unit....that's another month, still NO RECEIVER.

TJRead More
1/12/2011 Pioneer Electronics - I purchase a avic-x910BT at audio outlaw in Buda
I purchase a avic-x910BT at audio outlaw in Buda Texas Dec. of 2009 I started having problems with it around Oct of 2009,I took it back to audio outlaw because it was still under warranty, there technician determine that there was a problem,and removed it to send it back to the factory for repairs here it is 2 months later and I still have not receive my system back thats not good service at all after the sell.

Joe MontoyaRead More
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