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6/2/2016 Pioneer Receiver - I purchased a complete entertainment center from
I purchased a complete entertainment center from Magnolia which included a Pioneer VSX53 receiver. The sound went out so I called Geek Squad to diagnose the problem at which the service person informed me that the Pioneer receiver I paid $1,000.00 for has burned itself out.
The receiver is only three years old and in my opinion the machine is defective as it is only lightly used and was professionally installed by Magnolia.
I purchased another Pioneer VSXLX 100 from Magnolia, for another $500.00 plus $300.00 for Geek service, as the sales person indicated Pioneer was more compatible with my system and I would not have to reprogram my remote.
I tried calling customer service numbers, however all I got was the phone menu marry go round, but no one answers.
I would appreciate a response as I believe there should be some type of renumeration when the product doesn't perform with reasonable expectations.

Dan MillerRead More
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