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Pizza Hut has been America's favorite Pizza for 50 years.

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6/11/2016 Great pizza, not so great local outlet. Pizza Hut
Great pizza, not so great local outlet. Pizza Hut in Macclenny, Florida, 32063, refuses to honor an online email coupon that has "VALID at this store" on it. "Mike" one of FOUR managers stated I had to order TWO pizzas. The offer was 1 3 topping, medium for $6.00 OR free bread sticks with pizza purchase. I would like Pizza Hut to address this; if this store is a renegade, change personnel.

I am retaining the email, could not print it out and bring for "Eric's" inspection!

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6/8/2016 Pizza Hut - Dinner for 2 species $19.99 2 drinks,5
Dinner for 2 species $19.99 2 drinks,5 breadsticks, 2 salads, 1 medium pizza and 2 dessert. First they said no salad and then co deserts. Menu they gave us not right. So why give out the menu.

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5/25/2016 I visited a Pizza Hut in April 2016 in Cheaspeake
I visited a Pizza Hut in April 2016 in Cheaspeake Va. was never reconized after several attempts to get there attention and after 30 minutes I just got up and left. On 25th of May in Portsmouth Va . visited another Pizza Hut, was seated with Drink order that was taken before we were seated,and the order was wrong. The Waitrest did not come back, We finally went to the Buffea, She came back ask sence we took the Buffea, wanted to know if we needed anything else of the Buffea Because She was going to Clear it,This was just after we started eating.Pizza Hut has always been my Favorite,But the last two times I have gone have not been very enjoyable. With all the Resturants going out of Business it worries Me that Customers are treated in this Manner.

Shirley Read More
1/28/2016 I visited the Pizza Hut in Pulaski, TN on January
I visited the Pizza Hut in Pulaski, TN on January 14, 2016. My order was fine even though it was a little late. My problem came when I tried to do the online survey to get $10.00 off my next order of $20.00 or more. I was NEVER sent a code so I could redeem my coupon even though I took time to do the survey.

Cindy Read More
10/5/2015 I used the Pizza Hut online ordering for the first and last time.
I used the online ordering for the first and last time. placed my order, filled out my check and sent it with my son who is autistic so that he can have dinner at work feel like he is buying his own food. I made sure he had dinner and a 2-liter bottle of soda.... this was on Sept.27,2015 total order being $11.75 which I printed off for him to take with him to the restaurant. He gets his alfredo, breadsticks, and no drink. They let him know the check is made out for .53 cents more, but they won't give him the change. He finally gets them to give him the change telling them he needs it to get a drink because it's the only money he has.
I just find out about this today, Oct. 4, 2015..... I'm furious, they cheat him out of a bottle of soda that cost $2.29 when I could have given him a dollar and he could have got a bottle and change at the food lion where he works, then to top it off they won't give him his change so he buys a drink to go with his meal.
I will not order from pizza hut again. He had a Papa Johns and Papa's pizza and subs in the same area that I can call and order him whatever he needs and he will get everything he orders. Will not recommend to anyone either.

suzi Read More
9/9/2015 Pizza Hut - Was not happy with a late delivery and the pizza in Kansas City, KS
I am in Kansas city ks. Ordered a pizza for delivery ....put the pizza on my credit card....Was not happy with a late delivery and the pizza...I signed the receipt for $19.08. NO TIP....when it went through the bank it had a added $3.00 tip on the receipt. Called the store and talked to a very rude, interrupting, and down talking manager. This manager talked to me and told me I didn't know the difference between hamburger meat and veggie. He had the receipt in his hand and even emailed it to me. I tried to explain I did sign the receipt but left no tip and did not total the receipt up...that was not my hand writing. Would not give m any telephone numbers to a higher person to talk to and was in denial of any miss doing. Made him sound as guilty as the driver....told me I would be refused service from this time forward. The one star I am giving this store manager is a minus not a plus. I have been dealing with this store for over 20 years.

Geri Read More
6/17/2015 I was doing work and notice pizza hut had a deal
I was doing work and notice pizza hut had a deal going on. I haven't had pizza hut in over 4 yrs because they were slipping. They would always deliver pizza like it was dropped, played with. So I gave them a 2nd chance after 5yrs. I ordered the 2 med. any way for $6.99. I ordered at 758p. I didn't get my matter resolved on why I didn't receive my order until 1120p)after closing). The csr ask me 3 times, what was my name and twice for my number. I said I wanted to pay over phone using my debit card, so I did. She seemed distracted so, she used the oh man my computer is slow lie. long story short, I was told that Lee (whom ever that is) just took my order and it should be delivered in a few; that was around 853p. 1002p I called back to have my order canceled and to refund my money. In response to that, I was told again, that someone by the name Lee (my husband) (i'm not married) came and signed off on the receipt. The csr kept saying that I gave them a 404 number when I gave them a 770 #. So some had 2 free pizza on behalf of my money. THE csr didn't want to provide me with the managers contact so they kept me on hold almost 10mins and then phone disconnect. I called back and she said just call Thursday to speak to tiffany. after the 4th round of messy over me she said "give it 5-10 business days til money is back in bank after it has been voided. if I don't receive it after that time frame, its the bank fault". REALLY!! credit unions never failed my money, so I knew that was lie.

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6/13/2015 The Pizza Hut located in Leonardtown, MD is
The Pizza Hut located in Leonardtown, MD is horrible. After being placed on hold for 10 minutes, I placed another call only to be hung up on. When I called back, after several rings, the person that answered wanted to put me back on hold and I refused explaining I had already been on hold. I ordered a large stuffed-crust pepperoni pizza with extra cheese and light on the sauce and received a cheese pizza (no pepperoni) and no cheese inside the crust. I also ordered a large meat lovers pizza and received a pepperoni pizza. Customer service is poor...when they don't have an item it is never mentioned during the phone call. It takes twice as long as they tell you to receive your order and there are not apologies. This is the second bad experience in a month and I do not plan to order any more items from this company...

Kristine Read More
4/23/2015 Worst pizza, ever! Pizza Hut used to be my
Worst pizza, ever! Pizza Hut used to be my favorite pizza years ago! Now it's the worst pizza, ever! They have changed the crust and other ingredients. They used to make the dough fresh. That old saying " if it isn't broke, don't fix it! They need to go back to their original pizza's that they made years ago! Pizza Hut taste horrible now! Don't waste your money, when there is so many other Pizza places that taste MUCH better!

Sherri Read More
3/26/2015 I would like to know if Pizza Hut uses E 631 in
I would like to know if Pizza Hut uses E 631 in any of their product and how E 631 is made from. I am a vegetarian and do not use any products containg animal products. Please comment

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1/24/2015 O I want to thank the staff at Evans, GA Pizza Hut
O I want to thank the staff at Evans, GA Pizza Hut (Washington Rd.) for outstanding service. My food was fresh, and it was delivered quickly. Everyone at this store should get a raise!! They are so friendly when they deliver the food. I am very impressed by their professionalism. I have been in retail work for over 20 years, and I know when someone needs a "hoorah" as they say in the Army. May God bless them now and in the future. Please tell them thank you!!! yey woohoo.

Teri Rowland Read More
1/10/2015 Pizza Hut - at 1st got my pizza a beef taco pizza and didn't
at 1st got my pizza a beef taco pizza and didn't know that the chips were not ontop of the pizza. called talk to manager. she made me a new one and brought it got to me her self and its perfect. so kind and bend over backwards to get it to me in less than 20 mins, Amazing

Christine Read More
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