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4/15/2014 PNC Investments - We have an investment with PNC.
We have an investment with PNC. Its been there over 6 years, and have not once received a statement. We have tried to get a name change done due to marriage, and address change to no avail. We have been trying to get our investment account moved to another bank for almost a year now. We have gotten "we filled out the wrong forms" 3 times, and when all possible forms have been filed, we now get our funds can not be transferred until we pay a fee that was incurred in 2012, which we never received a statement showing we owed any money, and the big question is why did we not receive fee charges for other years as well. I know when a company wants paid for services, they will send out a bill, but I feel PNC is using this as a deterrent to giving us control of our investments. I wish that PNC had a customer service department that would handle issues or complaints, but we have not seemed to have found such a person. We would love to have someone higher up than the investment broker for PNC Investments contact us. Its been a year of stonewalling. Please give us our money.

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