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2/8/2016 Polaroid Tablet products are horrible do not purchase!

LEILARead More
9/7/2015 Polaroid tablet has screen is multi-colored stripes
I bought a tablet in April, and now the screen is multi-colored stripes on half of it. After several emails to Southern Telecom I called and spoke with "Chris" whom I'm positive is not in this country and he told me first my screen is cracked (which it is not), second the pictures are unclear ( I offered to send another), and finally he told me there is an "internal crack". The warranty is not being hikers on their end and he told ms several times I need to pay $70 for the repair and send the tablet back. Ridiculous!!! I am taking legal action.

Susan Read More
8/11/2014 Polaroid - This young lady is awaiting her 4th replacement of
This young lady is awaiting her 4th replacement of this tablet from Telecom. Who after a long live chat via the internet today informed us her 4th should arrive just in time for the warranty to end and that they are really " hoping " this next tablet will work properly for her.

Really the 4th replacement in under 7 months and you " Hope " it will work.

Would not recommend any product connected to Polaroid or Southern Telecom after this terrible experience.

This has certainly been a drawn out process and has done nothing to encourage our use of any Polaroid product or anything connected with " Southern Telecom " in the future. Your time consuming and unreliable replacement procedure needs some serious revamping to prevent such an experience from occurring. However I can see the advantage for you in having it set up as it is currently : 1) Slow shipping (2) Replace defective product with one equally defective (3) Slow turn around on said replacement.

Combine those three and you can pretty much run out the warranty at little or no cost to you. However does little to establish repeat and or a loyal customer base.

ChrisRead More
7/3/2014 Slam.sir i have polaroid portable dvd player.but
Slam.sir i have polaroid portable dvd player.but now its out of order.its not working.i am from pakistan punjab multan.there is no any service center or workshop.i want to repair this player.plz help me.where can i chk this in multan.I already chked here local machanic.but nobody undrstand about fault.

haroonRead More
4/9/2014 Polaroid - my tablet wont update anything it can only hold
my tablet wont update anything it can only hold like for apps this is a peace of crap if I knew that your tablets are this shitty I wouldn't have bought it you guys need to get your prudes in check be for I sew it this is a god dam scam tablet its lies nothing good comes with this tablets DONT BY POLAROID PRODUCTS THERE TRASH. if any one reads this take it and don't by anything from polaroid iv seen many comments saying the exact same thing im saying.

DouglasRead More
4/9/2014 I bought a polaroid tablet case keyboarder for my
I bought a polaroid tablet case keyboarder for my samsung galaxy tablet and there were no directions I can't find how to use it

BarbaraRead More
3/12/2014 I bought a Polaroid PMID709KB in June 2013 so I
I bought a Polaroid PMID709KB in June 2013 so I would have a convevient way to get online do email etc why visiting a patient in a nursing home with my husband who was looking after the patient. At first I could not charge tablet because the charger was not the right size, the store knew some had been received with incorrect one, they thought mine was ok, it wasn'. Then I found out the delete key would not work, I overcame that by backspacing, then a shift key fell off. So far I have only been able to use this a few hours, now it will not charge again, and a new charger was to be mailed to me and a new key board, which I should have received several days ago, I have not it as of today.

While it was still somewhat working I noticed some kind of warning that was exhibited by a flashing line around the edge of screen, I have not found out what caused that or what to do about it . PLEASE HELP

2/27/2014 Polaroid - DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT

nikkiRead More
2/24/2014 Where I find Polaroid service center in Davao
Where I find Polaroid service center in Davao region.the battry and touch screen need to replace can u help about it?

Marvin ArsonilloRead More
2/8/2014 Polaroid - Poloroid Tablet worked well but I can't updated or download games
I brought a Polaroid tablet also. It worked good for a while, but know I can't update games and/or download any games. This tablet really sucks. It's wasn't worth the money I paid for it. I will never buy anything else made by Polaroid.

PissedRead More
1/19/2014 Polaroid 8" Digital Picture Frame Model no memory card
We purchased an 8" Digital Picture Frame Model #PDF-825NC.

On the front of the box under the caption "Easy to use", it clearly states that the SD Card is provided.

On the side of the box under the "What's Inside... caption" it clearly states "REQUIRED, NOT INCLUDED - SD memory card...

This seems to be a conflict of statement initiated by Polaroid, not to mention: "FALSE ADVERTISING"...

We would venture to say that Polaroid's credibility seems to be a bit shaky at this time... We will never buy another Polaroid anything as long as we live...

Jim & AngieRead More
1/9/2014 Polaroid - olaroid tablet and they want to charge us $30 for support
we bought a polaroid tablet for my daughter for x-mass, she can't get online with her tablet,so we tryed tech support and they want to charge us $30.00 for help with there product, some customer service, we still have the receipt and we are going to take the tablet back and get our money back and pay a little extra and get her a good one, polaroid just lost a customer, thanks for all your help polaroid.

mikeRead More
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