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11/18/2014 Poligrip - Have Polygrip discontinued Wernets Ultra Denture
Have Polygrip discontinued Wernets Ultra Denture Fixative? I have been using it for years and find nothing else works. I bought 4 packets of 'Super' Wernets but after only 2 mouthfuls at the start of every meal, my denture loosens and I have to take it out which is extremely frustrating and so embarrassing in company I no longer go out for a meal with friends. I wonder if the formula has been altered? Although many people say the 'Super' Wernets is good it no longer works for me. We have been told by chemists in Chester that everyone is asking for the 'Ultra ' Wernets but no one has it in stock. What is going on? or have Polygrip bought the company only to close it down as is usual in the corporate world today? .

RogRead More
9/28/2014 Poligrip - I don't know what the problem is but I use
I don't know what the problem is but I use polygrip free and all the stores around here have been out for more than a month.I can't find it anywhere.Please Help

ClintRead More
9/27/2014 Poligrip - I am trying to find out why when I go on amazon to
I am trying to find out why when I go on amazon to buy poligrip I have to pay 70 dollars

sharonRead More
9/3/2014 Dear sir I have been using poligrip on my
Dear sir I have been using poligrip on my
Dentures since I got them this morning when I
Went to put it on it had gone hard in the tube
I had about half a tube left the top was on securely
So I wasn't that I had an appointment with my dentist so I
Thought I will ask her about it she hadn't come across
It before she probed in side the tube and said it was hard
Inside as well have you any ideas what would cause this

GeorgeRead More
5/25/2013 Dear Sir,I like to use Poligrip cream to my
Dear Sir,
I like to use Poligrip cream to my partial lower denture and for that I like to ask few points before I start using it.

I can see on the box of poligrip I need to put two places. My queries are as Under:

1. Once I put that how long I have to wait before I put the denture in the mounth?

2. After eating, I usualy take the denture out and clean it - wash my mouth and then put it back. If I have to do the same after putting poligrip - do I have put fresh poligrip at every time?

3. Before going to bed I usually put my denture in the water mug - if I have to do this then should I rub the poligrip cream on the denture first or leave it there and on the next day just use that denture with existing poligrip on it?

Pl let me the above items point wise pl. I shall be grateful if you would kindly provide me your contact number in UK - so that I can call you if I need to enquire any opther point in future.

Your early reply will be appreciated.
Basu Choudhuri

Ashit Kumar Basu ChoudhuriRead More
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