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10/13/2016 Porsche Financial - I purchased a 2013 Porsche GTS and went thru
I purchased a 2013 Porsche GTS and went thru Porsche Finance. I sold the car & forgot to turn off the auto pay. They took another ($990.95 out of my account. I even got a letter saying my next payment is do in Oct. I don't even have the car. I put a stop at the bank & they are helping me stop them from getting the money. I will not do auto pay with them again.

DeanRead More
8/14/2016 Porsche Financial - I've leased from porche for over 10 years and will
I've leased from porche for over 10 years and will no longer do business with them . I forgot to cancel auto pay after my lease was up and they kept debiting my account . This is unnacceptable. They also gouge you when you return the car. I leased a panamera for 4 years and purchased the dent removal insurance . I was never informed that it only covered metal. My rear bumper had a dime size dent and it wasn't covered. They charged me $450 for that. Seriously ?

LeeRead More
10/21/2015 Porsche Financial - Have had my Porsche financed a few months
Have had my Porsche financed a few months and sorry I did it. The car is awesome but, Porsche Financial is horrible. Nothing but problems and no online payment unless you want to pay extra, payment on the phone also costs extra and the auto pay isn't working. The female I talked to on the phone last time was cold and less than helpful. DO NOT finance through Porsche. Had A Mercedes through Mercedes Financial prior and it was smooth and easy and the reps were warm and cooperative.

TerryRead More
7/8/2014 We financed two cars with Porsche Financial
We financed two cars with Porsche Financial (never, ever, again). We pre-paid to eliminate debt. When I paid off my Panamera, they nevertheless took two regular payments out of my checking account before stopping, then they took over six weeks to send back the overpayments (and the refund was short by a few dollars). We also prepaid down the loan on my wife's Cayenne. As of6/15/14, the balance on the loan (according to their previous statement) was less than $500. But, naturally, on 7/5, they took out the full $1,135.55! So, if you sign up with them to finance a car, stay away from their auto-pay program!

FredRead More
3/26/2014 Porsche Financial customer service review March 2014
You guys I agree...it is a shame for such an automaker as Porsche not only to have a horrible customer service as well as no autopay....R I D I C U L O U S

NicolasRead More
1/7/2014 Porsche Financial needs online payments
Jim is absolutely right. Porsche Financial needs to set up online payment option. I pay MB and BMW online and it is so easy!! Try to call Porsche Payment Center and I am waiting for over 15 minutes already.

FrancisRead More
12/14/2012 Porsche Financial needs online bill pay 12/14/12
Porsche Financial needs to get into the 21st century and have on line Bill pay

jimRead More
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