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7/2/2014 Porsche USA - How can I track the status of a 2015 cayman
How can I track the status of a 2015 cayman ordered by porsche of honolulu. The last 6 numbers of the vin is 160026. I would like to have shipping line, vessel name and voyage number so I can track its progress into the west coast. They told me that the car was in transit however I would like to track its progress. I had ordered a m/benz and was able to know exactly where the car was. I would like to have the requested info and do not tell me to contact the local dealer.

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5/2/2014 Porsche USA - I bought a 911 Carrera from Park Place - They do not care
I bought a 911 Carrera from Park Place. They have always performed my service. They had my car a month ago and wrecked it in the shop. Park Place repaired the car before I could see it. I asked for pictures and never received them. While they were repairing they damaged the car more and now do not want to repair my car correctly. The car is in their shop today and they are trying to patch the problem. I just wanted my car repaired in the condition it was before. Well a month later it is still not repaired. They do not care. Does anyone one have any ideas on how I might be able to get this resolved? I need someone from the factory to call me today.

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3/28/2014 Porsche USA - I currently own a 1999 Porsche 911 Carrera and
I currently own a 1999 Porsche 911 Carrera and absolutely love it! Recently, when I had it in for service I was given a 2013 Boxster as a loaner, and was told that the dash dials and controls are intuitive. I found them to be challenging at best and ended up spending several minutes at the dealer having a sales associate explain their functionality before I could leave. My point is that while I am somewhat progressive, I definately prefer simplicity in the dials and would recommend a more basic dial arrangement as an option for individuals like myself. Just a recommendation and not a criticism.

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4/23/2013 Porsche USA - Just picked up a 2009 Carrera S cab with 12,600
Just picked up a 2009 Carrera S cab with 12,600 mi. Basalt Black / Tan with PDK trans.
Can any one tell me their experience with this model? What to look for ?

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11/9/2012 Porsche USA - Broken shifter cableI'm now a "broken shifter
Broken shifter cable
I'm now a "broken shifter cable" victim like so many others that have posted on planet-9 (http://www.planet-9.com/cayman-boxster-problems-complaints/75482-broken-shifter-cable.html). I've broken this post up into five sections: car, the event, the repair, my thoughts, additional resources.


2006 Cayman S with 34,150 miles on it. I don't race it (on or off the track). 90% of my commute is highway driving at 70 mph, with the occasional acceleration (no downshifting) to 80-90 mph. I bought the car as Certified Pre-owned with 5,000 miles on it. I put ~29,000 miles on the car over an ~8 month period of time

the event

I was driving into work. About 1000 yards from my house, I was casually (read: not aggressive, not racing, etc) shifting from 2nd to 3rd gear, when the shifter suddenly went limp. I could put the shifter into the slots for 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th gear, but the gears weren't actually shifting. The car was stuck in 2nd! Luckily the car was stuck in a low gear, and I was able to get the car back home.

The symptoms: car is stuck in a gear; gear shift is limp - moves freely, not able to engage

The repair

I had the car towed to the Porsche dealership. They informed me that the gear shift cable had snapped. I've attached 3 photos showing the broken part. Some initial comments: No, i'm not on someone's hit list, and nobody intentionally cut the cable ; I've found other posts with similar photos (links below).

I had to pay ~$1000 to get the shifter cable replaced. It took about a day to get the car back.

My thoughts

This is absolutely ridiculous. A Porsche...a Porsche is supposedly one of the most durable cars in the market. Prestigious brand, insanely expensive, built for high performance.

I wasn't (nor have I) even stressed the car in any real way, yet somehow the gear shifter cable snapped. There are numerous situations where the outcome could be serious personal injury or death (eg. pulling into traffic, accelerating to pass a car, etc).

This seemed very fishy to me, so I did some research on the car. It turns out that the previous owner had some warranty work, where the transmission had to be reinstalled. I bought the car Certified Pre-owned, with a clean carfax. This repair order didn't show up on the report, and since it was certified, I assumed Porsche of Flemington (where I purchased the car) did their job.

I spoke to several Porsche service repair shops, during my investigation:

- Danbury Porsche, where the shifter cable was repaired, initially thought the cable didn't "look right". After completing the repair, Danbury Porsche couldn't confirm or deny that the cable was installed incorrectly. Danbury Porsche assured me that the Cayman was a very reliable car, and they rarely saw Cayman's come in for major repairs.

- Autohaus of Lancaster (I spoke to "Justin"), where the initial transmission work was done, told me that "I see the shifter cable fail quite often on Cayman's and 911's."

- Porsche of Flemington, where I purchased the car, told me it wasn't "their problem, go talk to Autohaus".

- I called 1-800-PORSCHE, explained the story I've laid out here, and they said, "The car's out of warranty, there's nothing we can do about it". I then asked, "is this a known / systemic issue? Can you tell me what the failure rate is on the part?". Their response, "Porsche doesn't divulge such statistics". I replied,"they will with a subpoena".

I'm absolutely livid. It's not about the repair money, but rather the principle of the situation. If the part wasn't installed correctly by Autohaus, I would actually be less angry as long as they manned up and fixed it, because mistakes happen. Per the message boards however, this looks to be a more pervasive issue. Perhaps not enough to meet Porsche's recall criteria, but I would argue that their recall criteria is flawed! If this happens to even 1% of their cars, make the simple (relatively cheap) fix, and protect the lives of their customers.

I'm especially livid with customer support. This part failing at 34,150 miles is ridiculous, regardless of whether it was mis-installed, or there's a fundamental issue with the part. These are expensive cars, designed for high-performance, and critical components like the shifter cable should be rock solid. The moment the customer service agent saw I was out of warranty (and in my case, < 6 weeks out of warranty!!), she could care less about the situation. I expected more from Porsche, in addition to expecting a first-class machine, I expected premium support.

My faith in the brand is shaken. I was looking to buy a Cayenne for my wife, in fact we were planning to make a purchase in the next couple of weeks. Porsche's inability to man up, take responsibility, and do the right thing means they've lost me as a customer. Porsche's loss of my business means nothing to their bottom line, and they'll certainly go on to make tons of profit.

My intent for sharing this with the community:

1. make people aware of the problem
2. further validate that this is a systemic issue
3. highlight Porshe's crappy customer service
4. ensure that current and potential Porsche customers are well-informed about what they are getting themselves into.

Additional resources

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Selected quotes from other similar posts on this problem

Yeah maybe on a cheaper car, but on a Porsche?? these cars are bloody expensive, we pay for the durability.. this is simply unacceptable, I hope Porsche lose a lot of customers, they can't even make a car as reliable as a Nissan these days and charge twice the price


The Cayman S is a nice car, but if it is prone to break its shifter cable in 8500 miles then there is something seriously wrong with modern design.


It’s a disgrace that Porsche, a so-called premium brand, can skimp on something as critical as a gear shifter and it’s assembly. Also, to those who say that taking legal action is not the way to go – again why? The OP has obviously been deeply traumatised by his experience and has every right to voice his concerns!


Thank you for the advice. But with due respect, the law firm that is taking on my case, with specialists on such issues, sees it differently to you.

They think that this is a serious case of a car being unsafe and that the manufacturer can be held liable. I will file a claim and have provided all the relevant evidence which they will prepare the case.

I am not asking for the forum members to make a judgement, but simply letting them know that they may be sitting on a time bomb if their linkage is similar to mine.

As a performance car, most people who buy these cars will likely use its performance, and I can think of a thousand scenarious where the loss of drive could potentially end up in tears. If Toyota can call back all their cars due to erratic gas pedal response, I fail to see why Porsche can get away with a problem far worse than Toyota's.

I have lost all my confidence in this car and every time I change up or down, I am wondering if the damn thing will break again. If it can break at 8600 miles, it can break at any time.
It is not as if it will give advance warning before it breaks. Having no drive on a fast bend is massively dangerous. Loosing engine braking is not desirable at any time.

Why should I drive a car that is potentially a death trap? I paid good money for this car and I expect to get value for money and irrespective of how much fun it may be to drive, it is basically an unsafe car.
Does anyone have data to show how many accidents may have been caused by this failure that the driver did not survive to tell the story? My story would be untold if I had collided with the oncoming car at a combined speed of over 150mph. What is the justification for Porsche to insist on using this unreliable linkage? Profit is the only thing that comes to my mind.


I dare Porsche UK and Porsche USA both to disclose the number of cars they have had to replace the shifter cable. The 14 cases are only on this forum. There are many forums. Not everyone who may own a Porsche and experienced this problem are members of any forum.

The question is which other makes suffer shifter problems? None in my whole life experience of cars. I've had a 911SC in the past. Apart from a broken hafl-shaft no other problems to speak of. Why should it be acceptable in 2012 for Porsche to offer ashifter cable that is "NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE".

Is is simply not good enough and at the very least the car should come with a "HEALTH WARNING". If I had known that the Cayman S was prone to breaking the shifter cable for no apparent reason, I would not have bought it in the first place.

CaymanS_ssa Read More
4/24/2012 Porsche USA - I am of member of the Porsche Club Grand Prix
I am of member of the Porsche Club Grand Prix Region 8. I have owned
several Porsche. A 911SC that I owned was my first dream car. The 3.0
engine was "bulletproof". I bought a 2001 Carerra next. I love the
power and handling. I took my car for the regular service at the
Porsche dealership. Then the unspeakable happened. I developed a
problem that is only too familiar to many of the new water cooled
Porsche owners. I started seeing "frost oil residue in my coolant
tank". immediately I went to the dealer to get a determination of the
problem. The dealer says :Well it looks like you will need a new
engine! That will be $15,000. Are you kidding me! First of all, for
such a high performance car should't there be an alternative DUH! like
fixing the problem. A teacher's salary cannot afford that kind of
money. Porsche engineering should offer alternatives such as
furnishing a replacement head, free of cost with the damaged return.
No one speaks of fixing the problem,just replacing the entire engine.
What an engineering mishap! I am sure Porsche engineering wants to
know what his happens or they should. right now my 911 Carerra is just
sitting waiting for a miracle. I hope to hear from you or can you
direct my inquiry to the proper channels.

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6/23/2011 Porsche USA - I have a 2006 Porsche Cayenne that was parked in
I have a 2006 Porsche Cayenne that was parked in my driveway and for no reason just burst into flames, I am wonderig why this happened are there faulty fuel lines on this car has there been a recall? maybe their should be a recall Ive had this car very little, I bought it used maybe a month ago I called the dealer that sold it to me and they said I needed to contact Porsche directly, any help please would be greatly appreciated.

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1/26/2011 Porsche USA - Dear Porsche customer service, this note is to let
Dear Porsche customer service, this note is to let you know that my wife's 2008 Cayenne plastics are just extremely cheap and wearing off . This is a list of defects that I have found with the plastics ( look more like VW plastics or worst ) .
The most recent issue had to due with the rupture of the nozzle that spray water to the headlamps, then the window controls paint is chipping , the plastic panel that covers the back sit central lighter broke off, one of the sides frame doors its starting to get loose, the rear bumper metal frame fall off .
My wife just drives the car around town ( 34,000 miles ) . What’s wrong? are the plastic covered under the cars warranty. ? Who can help.?
In the other hand I own a 2006 commuter "cheap" car with 86,000 miles. It has NO issues and still this agency sends coupons ,discounts to keep their customers.
Although we love the overall performance, the interiors quality and overall VW looking parts are of very poor quality. Can you offer discounts to at least cover for some if the replacements?
If I get another luxury high end car for my wife I may look into another brand since the prize we paid is not reflected on the cheap plastic quality.

Your USA web page is not friendly and your offices are hard to reach when needed.

I hope this e mail gets some attention.

Carlos Read More
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