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1/12/2017 My Poulan riding mower has worked fine for a
My Poulan riding mower has worked fine for a number of years, but all of a sudden the starter would not engage.
I hot wired to the starter to bypass the problem and it ran fine. This eliminated all safety switches as being a problem. I now was homing in on the starter solenoid. To get at it I had to remove the gas tank. After cleaning years of dirt, grass and associated grime, the solenoid checked out OK. BUT there along the cable harness I found a square 1" box. After cleaning it I found it held a 20 amp blown fuse.
Can you tell me why anyone would hide a customer replaceable part in that manner?

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9/23/2016 I have had several chain saws, poulans. The gas
I have had several chain saws, poulans. The gas cap can't be removed easily. It appears I'm not the only one. What are you doing to fix the problem? Do I have to now buy other brands of chainsaws? What follows is comments from other owners of poulan saws. This has been going on for quite sometime and you haven't fixed it. How about sending me some new caps that are made of another material?

Although it has taken me awhile to reply, I thought an update on my problem should be written.

I ran the saw until it ran out of fuel. I then opened the cap (with channel locks!), and let the threads "air dry". After just one day, the swelling of the threads of the cap had been reduced, and after a frew more days, I was actually able to screw the cap on without channel locks.

I emptied the gas/fuel mixture from my portable fuel container, and refilled it with 89 octane gasoline. The new 89 octane gas/oil mix was then put in the Poulan, and by the next day, the cap could only be removed with the channel locks! So, I would say that 89 octane gas does contain ethanol (in Michigan), and I still have the same problem.

Today, I just received an email from Husqvarna promoting the Ethanol Challenge. It does not really tell much, except how to store fuel, and recommends 89 octane.

Can you tell me if there is a gas cap replacement program, so that I can get a cap that does not e

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