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Power Equipment Direct was founded on the premise of simplified shopping. Customers could sort through all of the leading power equipment products online from the comfort of their homes - no traffic jams, no crowds, no scratched tailgates. Plus, all of the equipment - including hard-to-find accessories - would ship directly from the factory to the customer's door, eliminating the need for stores, warehouses and clueless clerks. Power Equipment Direct streamlined the sales process and rewarded customers with factory-direct discounts and a sales tax-free guarantee on its vast selection of products.

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11/15/2011 Power Equipment Direct Inc. - Need Dealer # for registration card to be
Need Dealer # for registration card to be completed and mailed

Michel CoweeRead More
11/13/2010 Power Equipment Direct Inc. - need dealer number for card to be sent in please.
need dealer number for card to be sent in please.

Erwin Cartrite Sunray Tex USARead More
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