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5/9/2014 - I booked a hotel with Priceline Express Deals. The
I booked a hotel with Priceline Express Deals. The scroll on the offer said the hotel would be one of or similar to six brand name hotels in the area ie. Holiday Inn. I checked out all of the named hotels - only some of which actually existed in this city - and all were acceptable 2 stars. When I made the purchase, I was informed that what was picked was a Travelodge, not one of the named hotels. So I see the fine print misleading says 'one of these hotels or similar' when listing six reputable ones. Compare a picture of this Travelodge to the Holiday Inn down the street. It's a nightmarish dump. Not at all similar. I know noone who who would ever stay there. I'd sleep in my car sooner.

If that is not enough, upon arriving and actually seeing this place in person rather than the hellish picture on Priceline website, there stood a shabby dirty looking place with laundry hanging on the balcony and a departing guest saying that it was actually a place where low income people live and that we should not stay there. And that is what my gut said.

I called to cancel my order stating all of the above info and the arrogant robot foreigners on the other end would not give me a refund after citing all of their word trickery and not conceding to a first hand human response telling them that the place was a scary looking dump! The hotel was clearly not one that was listed as one of the possible choices, and therefore is false advertising. Customer service, or what passes for it at Priceline, disregarded this argument and again quoted their no refund policy, which I apparently felt necessary and suspicious enough to look for on another page. It was a clear bait and switch and they think writing a policy prevents them from giving any refund. Would you treat your family that way? How inhuman and shameless.

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