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5/28/2015 Proactive - I am not pleased with your product, however I was
I am not pleased with your product, however I was told that I would continued to be bill for 90 days. My concern is why if I cancelled and I even cancelled before my 30 days and was charged on my account. This is not good customer service and I want all of my money returned as soon as possible. Your staff is misleading the public just to get a sale. I demand my money returned as soon as possible or I'll go a step further to make sure my funds are returned ASAP. I do not want to be charged anymore not even one day for your products, so PLEASE STOP ASAP.
Donald POUNS

DonaldRead More
11/12/2013 Proactive lack of customer service and overcharging
I mail pro active telling that I don't want to receive any pro active package or either charge me to my credit card, after 2 days I order my fist package, automatically this month they they charge me after all, I call service service last Oct 30, and I woman I talk to is lack of customer service , rude, and very inpatient, she was telling me that to cancel an account I suppose to call them? and not send email.....and I just hope that the company train more there customer service rep, this conversation to this customer service ref make me more decided to cancel my account

jeremieRead More
10/22/2012 Proactive - I canceled my subscription with pro active. but I
I canceled my subscription with pro active. but I am still receiving emails can you take me off the list to. I do not receive another email about proactive since I have terminated my account...

wade Carl garisRead More
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