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2/6/2014 Procter & Gamble - P&G's Swifter commercial with the biracial couple
Re your Swifter commercial with the biracial couple and their ugly-ass mulatto bastard child: You can promote this crap and we can certainly stop buying any of your company's products. We have removed all that were in our home and will never buy any more. Keep up the work and maybe soon you will be out of business.

ErnestRead More
1/13/2014 Procter & Gamble - P&G's "Sponsor of Mom" ad is offensive.
Your "Sponsor of Mom" ad is offensive. Why not "Sponsor of Parents"? My children's Dad has been a huge inspiration to them. I am not buying any more P&G! You have offended Dads everywhere by ignoring their importance in the children's lives!

ElleRead More
12/31/2013 Procter & Gamble's contact email site is not working
I tried to send this message through your 'Contact Us' e-mail site, but it doesn't appear as if it went through - it was followed by a page of jibberish and/or computer language, so I am posting it here hoping someone will observe and acknowledge it ~

For the third time now, when I used one of your Cascade Platinum Phosphate Free Pacs, UPC 37000 84486, my dishwasher overflowed with soap suds all over the kitchen, even though I have a water alarm that I keep right under the door of the dishwasher. I presume that the alarm did not recognize soap suds as it would recognize water. In between the times I have used this product, I have used others - with NO problem. What can you advise is the problem with these pacs. My dishwasher is fairly new and was looked at by a repairman after the first overflow to confirm that there was nothing wrong with the machine, except that I had to dry clean some wool throw rugs and the moisture has lifted the hardwood slightly in front of the dishwasher. I am very frustrated. Please advise.

ValRead More
12/20/2013 Procter & Gamble - I will never buy any P&G Products because of their support of homosexuals
[email protected] OF HOMOSEXUALS

11/5/2013 Procter & Gamble - I bought Max Factor lasting Performance
I bought Max Factor lasting Performance foundation. I was away at a conference and got some of the makeup on a new blouse. I tried everything to get it out to no avail. Result ruined blouse.

I would like you to comment on this as I regularly get the makeup on my cover on my dressing table.

Yours disappointed

MagsRead More
10/30/2013 Procter & Gamble - after I returned some razor blades I received a
after I returned some razor blades I received a voucher for £20 wich
I am grateful. the only problem is I cant find a store to take them.
could you help please. I live in hull, east Yorkshire.

peterRead More
10/25/2013 Procter & Gamble - Re: Charmin toilet tissue paper. You should be
Re: Charmin toilet tissue paper. You should be ashamed of yourselves for not telling the truth about the new width of the ultra soft MEGA toilet tissue rolls. The new width is not 3/8-inch narrower as you claim. It's more like 1-inch! Therefore, there is no longer MEGA, which is what we use. You must presume your users are ignorant and cannot see the difference. There is no difference on the thickness as you claim. I am truly insulted that you assumed we wouldn't see the difference and that is why you didn't make us aware of this change in size.

StuartRead More
10/11/2013 Procter & Gamble - It is a sly move, and not everyone would notice,
It is a sly move, and not everyone would notice, but Charmin is now 1/4+ narrower than before. Is this a fluke, or is it a why to increase profits. I am very upset as Charmin is the most expensive toilet paper on the market! I have photographs of two rolls compared. I always buy the largest package--a real investment, so it does last. I buy the Mega rolls. Fortunately I noticed it seemed small on my dispenser and compared the newest rolls with an older roll. I feel deceived and robbed. That is $32 I will not spend again and I do expect a reply and explanation.

VickiRead More
10/10/2013 Procter & Gamble - I was at my local Target store today and bought
I was at my local Target store today and bought over $30 worth of your products because of a hangtag that was attached to many of the products advertising a $10 rebate. There weren't any dates to be found anywhere on the tags, only instructions on how to download the rebate form. After wasting my time going through all the required steps, I find that this rebate ended at the end of September! Now I will need o return my purchases so that I can wait for an actual sale that will actually save me money. Doesn't anyone proof your advertising? How irresponsible is it to grab the consumers attention and boost sales just to let them down. I suggest that marketing makes sure that they have dates on any rebate offers made in the future!!!!

AnneRead More
10/5/2013 Procter & Gamble - We buy the ultra strong Charmin toilet paper and
We buy the ultra strong Charmin toilet paper and with the last purchase I notice the rolls were just as full as the previous ones but the rolls are 3/4 of an inch shorter. What gives? I feel like I am being cheated. I have tried several numbers to try a reach a real person thinking it could be a production mistake with no luck. The number on the package even goes straight to messages.

WickRead More
9/23/2013 Procter & Gamble - Looking for Cream Vicks Vaporub
Looking for Cream Vicks Vaporub

JudyRead More
8/29/2013 Procter & Gamble - I bought a swifter WetJetStarter Kit that was broken
I bought a swifter WetJetStarter Kit. There were thing wrong with it, I sent the company and email, they sent me a coupon for a new kit. Unfortunately, there is no store around here that will accept the coupon. I was wondering if I could get Procter and Gamble to send me a kit thru the mail. Thank you

Judith CauldwellRead More
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