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7/7/2014 PSBank - Hi!I would just like to commend one of your

I would just like to commend one of your staff in Las Pinas Pamplona Branch. He is Mr. Paolo Dino Altarejos Columna, he's your New Account Clerk in the said branch.

To make the story short, I had trouble opening a checking account under my name due to other obligation with other bank that was not settled but it was an honest mistake and Mr. Columna made me feel secured and comfortable despite of that embarrassing issue.

All throughout, he guided me to complete the guidelines and steps in opening an account, he had made jokes just to lighten-up a bit the bad mood I've gotten, HE PERSONALLY COORDINATED with other bank to settle my issue. It was few months ago but up until now I remember the assistance he have done for me together with my girlfriend, for me he's an epitome of a real customer servicing in a personal manner in a banking industry.

It was light, easy, and happy to continue any transactions with that branch, all staff are courteous and pleasant, even the security personnel, they are attentive and always putting a smile on their faces, in my 27 years of existence and doing transactions to different reputable and well known banks, PS Bank Pamplona Branch is highly recommended to everyone, regardless of your status in life, regardless of what clothes you're wearing, and what dialect you speak, they will attend to your needs.

Kudos to the staff, my friends and family are banking in that branch, it was an easy breezy comfortable experience.

Thank you Mr. Columna for a wonderful experience each time we drop by. ;)

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