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9/7/2015 I need tekken revolution on ps4's psn until tekken 7 is released
I need Tekken revolution on ps4's psn until Tekken 7 gets here, please. thank you, PlayStation 4 ROCKS!

Michael Read More
11/10/2012 PSN - GO X BoX

j maney Read More
6/3/2012 psn needs more people i hate being hold on forever
psn needs more people i hate being hold on forever

chase Read More
2/29/2012 1st} PSN is now, as of Feb 7th 2012, SOE (SONY
1st} PSN is now, as of Feb 7th 2012, SOE (SONY Online Entertainment)

2nd} Read the section of the user agreement that applies, you can go to PlayStation Store and push [SELECT] and choose user agreement AND write down the sections that apply, print if you have printer or scroll screen as you talk to them; nevertheless, writing and/or printing & highlighting will help keep the conversation focused

Negotiating with SONY in general, except Tokyo office, is like pulling shark's teeth while a dragon breathes fire & ice on you and you are Lv 1 the Ancient Dragon Lv 1,000 and Great White Shark Lv Infinity

Extremely difficult, though not impossible!.....

3rd} Make them aware of what parts of the agreement they failed to uphold, even if they didn't do anything wrong, remind them what their responsibilities are concerning said matter

4th} Clearly confirm three times on how they will contact you back, if they are going to contact by phone don't play an online game, or they will just e~mail while you are in~game...

If you purchased a bundle and the description was misleading don't ask them to refund, it gives them an excuse to swipe your system of everything and look into your personal chats and what not, instead say the description didn't match and when they pull or fix it you may be the exclusive user of bundle(s)

like me and the Veemee's AAA~The Wanted & AAA~Florence & the Machine
the clothes were male except for 1 shirt for female; nevertheless, I made a male rockstar avatar

SOE: Ambsace Read More
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